Something worth watching: the EZBox LT-105 digital freeview set-top box

With the analogue to digital switchover happening now, the nice people at NextD have created the EZBox LT-105, a gadget that allows analogue viewers to keep watching their favourite programmes without having to splash out on a new digital TV set. Complete with an auto-retune feature, the box will automatically upgrade when the switchover happens in your area without you having to lift a finger.


The EZBox supports the Freeview TV standard and provides 50 Freeview Channels and 24 digital radio stations. These include the usual suspects (the BBC channels, ITV and Channel 4), as well as digital-only services, such as Film4, E4, BBC3 and ITV2. And if all this choice leaves you indecisive, viewers can now avoid family squabbles and choose their schedule in advance using the eight day listings guide.

Easy to set-up and install, the box comes with step-by-step instructions. Thanks to its auto-retune feature, users only have to go through the set-up process once. Even if channels are added to or removed from the digital service in the future, the box will automatically retune itself. Other standard features include parental controls, two scart connections to allow VCR recording and an RF loopthrough. Using less than 1W when on standby, the box is energy efficient and bill-friendly.

In addition to the usual set-top box features, NextD have installed a USB 2.0 connection for firmware downloads, as well as a JPEG and photo album viewer that allows you to share pictures with family and friends through your television set. For all the music lovers out there, the EZBox comes with WMA and MP3 playback features so you can listen to your favourite tunes before flicking over to the news.
On sale for just £35, the box can be purchased directly from Amazon and provides a cheap solution for analogue television owners.