iGo batteries go green

Eco-friendly power solution developer iGo has turned its attention to the rechargeable battery and come up with a line of non-toxic batteries which, it says, can hold their charge for up to seven years.


The iGo Green Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries are dubbed as a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution to disposable batteries. They will, says iGo, start saving you money after two recharging cycles – one rechargeable battery is equivalent to 40 single-use disposable batteries.

We’ve always tried to use rechargeable batteries (with the amount of battery-operated toys in this house it would be of benefit both to my wallet and the planet) but we’ve always been disappointed in them. They never seem to hold their charge for long, and small people are not patient enough to wait for them to be recharged.

Howver, iGo reckons it has got this problem licked, as, unlike nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride cell batteries, they can hold their charge for up to seven years. This means they will be ready to go as soon as you get them out of the packet, but will likewise still be ready if you have them sitting fully charged in the drawer for a few weeks, or even years. This means you can have a store always ready to go (pretty vital when a small person needs that train to go RIGHT NOW!)

The batteries come in AA and AAA sizes and cost around £7.99 for a four-pack and £12.99 for an eight-pack. You’ll need an iGo Green Charger (£15.99, including four AA batteries). iGo also sells a two-way USB charger for those on the move. It costs £12.99 and comes with two AA batteries.

TWIG: Accountz, ecocase, eCards and Thumb Exercises

The Week in Gadgets

No-one likes accounting, even if you at a super hip Z on the end like UK based accounting software firm Accountz have done. What people do like, however is apps, and Accountz have thoughtfully combined the two in their new release Mobile Accountz Lite iPhone app – which allows you to take control of your finances, spending and expenses whilst on the move. You can upload transactions Over-The-Air to any software that uses OFX or CSV files. You can also just handle everything within the app.


On first launch things are a little barren – there are prettier looking apps out there. But not for accountancy. The simply, focused approach actually benefits the app once you start using it – it’s easy to see which account is which and get at “state of the nation” view of all your accounts there and then – like an inverse calorie counter that helps to keep your wallet fat. Your first move after setting everything up should probably be noting the £2.99 the app costs. If you are serious about your finances – and in the current economic climate it makes sense to be – then you should give Accountz a look.

Like it or loathe it, the Christmas holiday season is slowly sneaking up on us. Unless you work in technology journalism, in which case it will have been forced upon you since mid-summer. Insanity. Anyway, in the UK there is a Christmas rush for greetings cards, something that eCards Media are keen to take advantage of to stress test their new print-on-demand greetings cards service. “But wait” you say, “Print-on-demand greetings cards… that’s MoonPig’s game.” And you would be right. However eCard’s Media are confident they can take on MoonPig, undercutting them on price with cards at 99p, compared with MoonPig’s £2.99. If that wasn’t enough, eCard’s Media, who are responsible for the Postcards app we briefly mentioned here are giving away 10,000 free greetings cards. Still not impressed? They are working on putting the Moon onto a Stick. Their system allows you to put digital images onto glossy A5 cards and then send them the same day via the UK post. Interested? Head to www.ecards.co.uk and pop in OneFreeCard to give it a whirl.

If you spend as much time playing with gadgets as I do then you will be aware of the increase stress modern life, with its tablets and smartphones is placing on the thumbs. Even hardcore hitchhikers sympathise. GadgetHelpline.com, whose name is self-explanatory have produced a little exercise video for anyone suffering from Thumb Fatigue. Have a peek. Why wouldn’t you.

The other problem with smartphones is how filthy they can be – with 18 times more bacteria than on the average toilet seat according to a recent Which? report. If that’s caught your eye then you might be interested in the new ECOSKIN case for the iPhone 4.


iPhone cases are as numerous as the stars but what makes Anokimobi’s ecoskin special is not only the high-grade recycled plastic that it is manufactured from, but as a result of their teaming up with BioMaster, the surface which is impregnated with silver ions to reduce bacteria levels. Unlike diamond encrusted iPhones, that are a testament to modern waste, the ecoskin is a green wonder, with both packaging and the phone cover made from recycled materials. Get yours in pink, black or clear from here.