iGo batteries go green

Eco-friendly power solution developer iGo has turned its attention to the rechargeable battery and come up with a line of non-toxic batteries which, it says, can hold their charge for up to seven years. The iGo Green Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries are dubbed as a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution to disposable batteries. They will, says iGo, … Continue reading iGo batteries go green

TWIG: Accountz, ecocase, eCards and Thumb Exercises

The Week in Gadgets No-one likes accounting, even if you at a super hip Z on the end like UK based accounting software firm Accountz have done. What people do like, however is apps, and Accountz have thoughtfully combined the two in their new release Mobile Accountz Lite iPhone app – which allows you to … Continue reading TWIG: Accountz, ecocase, eCards and Thumb Exercises