Elgato Game Capture HD: For gamers who don’t play around

Some people like to think that after they die they live on through their work. But now it’s possible to live on through your play with Elgato’s Game Capture HD – designed to immortalise you. If you’ve even seen the Frogger episode of Seinfeld (where George realises his high score on an arcade game might be his greatest achievement in his life) you’ll understand the importance of preserving your “legacy”.


The Game Capture HD, a simple solution for recording and sharing PlayStation or Xbox gameplay using a Mac or PC. If you’ve been over to YouTube recently, you’ll see it’s peppered with videos of young people making other young people feel bad about themselves with their superior gameplay. Now you can join in on that fun. With software specifically tailored to the needs of gamers and a built-in H.264 encoder it’s pretty easy to record, edit and share a gameplay video.

“Gameplay videos created on the Mac or PC are reporting explosive growth, especially on YouTube. Elgato Game Capture HD offers the community an unrivalled and efficient way to create gameplay videos in maximum quality with minimum effort. It brings together years of video-encoding and editing experience.”
Adam Steinberg, Vice President Marketing at Elgato.

The H.264 hardware encoding means Elgato Game Capture HD records in HD quality without burdening the hard disk with large files. And as someone who records as lot of high definition DSLR video footage, believe me this is a good thing. I’ve shelled out on far too many hard drives in my time and it’s getting old. Set up is pretty simply using a single cable from the XBox 360 or the PS3, capturing all your gameplay through the magic of HDMI.

Elgato Game Capture HD lets gamers focus on what matters – family, friends, the world outside … I’m kidding obvious. Making recording simple means you can focus wholeheartedly on dominating at Fallout or whatever it is the kids are playing these days.

Thanks to the unique Flashback Recording feature, Elgato Game Capture HD remembers the gameplay that has preceded it, even if the record button wasn?t pressed. The gamer can then simply revert to the start of the scene they want to record and begin recording retroactively. With a single click, videos can be shared with friends and fans on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. And with Elgato Game Capture HD software, it’s even possible to trim gameplay videos for later editing using a video-editing program.

Elgato Game Capture HD will be available from the start of June from Elgato, Amazon, and selected retailers for £179.95 including VAT.