Dyson Hard – a treat for hard surfaces?


Having previously developed a range of attachments and accessories to tackle the unique cleaning challenges posed by hard surfaces, vacuum specialist Dyson has today launched a new product specifically designed to help people with hard floors in their homes. Rather suggestively titled the Dyson Hard (DC56), this is the latest addition to the Wiltshire company’s ever-expanding product range, and it shares plenty of DNA with its siblings.

The Hard’s signature feature is an integrated wet wipe, which performs the duties of a traditional mop, while a double-edged cleaner head simultaneously vacuums away dirt and debris. A detachable crevice and combination tool facilitates access to awkward corners, and the Hard’s tall, cordless design nods to established Dyson devices such as the well-received DC35 and DC44 ranges. Although Dyson will market their own wet wipes, rival household products can also be used, avoiding expensive proprietary ‘lock-in’ accessories – something owners of computer printers will be particularly relieved about.

The net result of the Hard’s combined functionality is the abolition of a two-stage cleaning process, where vacuuming traditionally precedes the laborious task of going over tiles or wooden floors with a mop and bucket to remove more stubborn or ingrained stains. Conventional hoovers, mops and even steam cleaners all perform a solitary role, whereas the Hard aims to avoid duplication of housework, as well as the relatively inefficient task of wiping floors with a mop that becomes increasingly soiled by the very dirt it is supposed to be removing. Furthermore, the instant-on nature of the cordless Hard makes it suitable for tackling spills or marks as soon as they occur.

Powered by a compact motor that spins at over 100,000rpm, the Hard is capable of operating for 15 minutes on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery, while a high-intensity boost setting provides six minutes of extreme stain removal. That isn’t sufficient to clean a whole house, but it’s certainly enough to shift muddy paw prints from the hallway. The Hard’s family-proof credentials are bolstered by being manufactured from the same rugged ABS polycarbonate used to make riot shields, while test models justified their proposed title by being subjected to almost six thousand different impact tests during a two-year development programme.

With its UK launch taking place on Halloween, critics have yet to experience the treat of a two-in-one cleaner and suction device. However, the Dyson Hard’s best trick may be convincing people that one floor-cleaning product is better than two.

Price: £249.99. Available exclusively at Tesco from October 31st.