Olympus TOUGH TG-1: Tough but not rough

The trouble with a lot of our precious gadgets is that they’re just that – rather fragile, expensive and a worry when we take them out into the great outdoors.

But a camera is supposed to be taken out and about, so what do you do if you want to take great snaps, but are likely to be out in all weathers, at risk of dropping your snapper, or even likely to get it wet?


The answer is to choose a model that is made to be treated roughly – a model such as the new TG-1 compact camera from Olympus.

This camera is as tough as Bruce Willis in Die Hard – it can survive being dunked in water up to 12 metres, dropped from a height of 2 metres, survive temperatures a low as -10C and being crushed by up to 100kg of force.

And if you want to try your hand at underwater photography, this is the camera to choose – a soon-to-be-available additional housing will enable users to take the camera to depths of up to 45m, while a powerful flash attachment will boost illumination at these kinds of depths.

The camera has a 12mp, high-sensitivity COS sensor and if you’re serious about your photography, there are waterproof lenses for you to use to get more creative. What underwater camera would be complete without a fisheye lens, for instance? This will let you grab wider, dynamic images, while a tele converter lens can increase the optical zoom ratio by 6.8x.

Other features of the Olympus TOUGH TG-1 include GPS and compass, manometer for checking depth underwater, and an LED illuminator for lighting up underwater scenes.

It also has Magic Filters for adding creative effects to both still images and HD movies, and a number of scene modes – including an all-important i-Underwater Snapshot.

The Olympus TOUGH TG-1 is available from mid-June and will cost £359.99; the Fisheye Lens is £129.99, the Tele Converter Lens, £129.99, and the Converter Adapter £19.99.

Case-Mate TANK: Klutz-proof iPhone casing

I know I’m somewhat of a klutz, but I’d like to think my clumsiness doesn’t inflict weapons grade levels of damage. Naming no names, the same cannot be said for some of you. If you are *extremely* butterfingered then perhaps it’s time to invest in a rugged case to protect your smartphone. Whilst there are many already on the market, iPhone case experts Case-Mate have decided to add to the beefcake brigade with the new Case-Mate TANK. And it’s spelt will ALL CAPS so you know it’s tough.


“Sixty-seven percent of damaged iPhones are due to cracked screens and the current market does not provide users with an effective solution,” said Erik Attkisson, Chief Marketing Officer at Case-Mate. “We saw this as an opportunity to engineer a tough case that has the high-design aesthetic our customers expect while providing critical protection for both the screen and the phone.”

Designed using the principal theory that guided motorcycle helmet engineering, Case-Mate constructed TANK with a hard, impact resistant exterior and a shock absorbing interior. The textured hard shell covers the dual layer case and, like a motorcycle helmet, disperses the initial impact over a wide surface area. The interior layer absorbs the weakened impact; further safeguarding the phone against bumps and shocks. The interior is made of a soft silicone and features plugs over the phone’s ports to keep the inside free of dust and dirt. Color matching holsters complete the case. Wanna watch a video? Of course you do.

My favourite thing about TANK is the sliding screen cover that swipes across to defend your precious iPhone screen from the outside world. It smacks a little of overkill but then again I’ve scratched my iPhone 4 and 4S with keys in my pocket to perhaps it’s not so silly. It’s obviously a little bulky so the TANK is something I’d pop on when cycling, or perhaps running rather than sitting at my desk.

TANK is available for £44.95 at http://www.mobilefun.co.uk