Samsung SPF-1000P digital photoframe review

Being the nation’s least wanted gift item, digital photoframes (or makers of the rather) are in a odd position. Do they simply give up? Or innovate their pants off? Nix who we looked at earlier and Samsung have decided to throw technology at the problem and released feature-packed digital photoframes.

To even call the 1000p a digital photoframe seems to be doing it a disservice, the poor thing is working overtime as a movie player, music player and mini monitor. But more on that later.


Out of the box the 1000p has the type of high-end design that Samsung hopes you’d expect from them by now. The frame looks like a tiny version of a Samsung 8 series TV, which is pretty cool. The frame is attached to a stand (filled with speakers, ports and other electronics) and has an odd but relatively sturdy hinge to change the viewing angle. The buttons are discreet looking touch sensitive affairs, which light up when you touch them and generally add a touch of class to proceedings.

Photo transfer to the 1024 x 600 10″ screen is a pretty straight forward affair – makers of digital photo frames have all cottoned on that this is something they have to make as easy as possible. You can attach a USB cable (supplied) to your PC and drag and drop files across. Or you can pop a USB card in. Or a SD card. Or even Bluetooth a file across from your phone. The 2GB onboard storage is also pretty decent – and of course you can just whack a larger USB key or SD card in if this isn’t good enough for you. Pictures are automatically resized and generally look pretty good.

There’s also a cool looking blackboard clock (among other designs), video playback (divx included) and mp3 support. The inbuilt speakers won’t blow you away but are acceptable – especially to accompany a slideshow.

The USB connection also allows you to use the 1000p as a secondary monitor for your PC. And literally your IBM PC as this feature isn’t Mac compatible.

The Samsung SPF-1000P digital photoframe is a tad under £150