Denon MC2000 DJ interface: USB power to the people

DJing has always fascinated me as a transformative “power to the people” interaction of music and technology. Taking the music given to you by record companies and radio stations and being able to repurpose it to express yourself was all at once revolutionary and ancient – harking back to folk songs shared around the campfire and changing over time.


In keeping with this idea of non-exclusive DJing Denon have released the MC2000 – a USB DJ controller that welcomes novices and pros alike and invites them to mix it up and start again.

The plug and play controller is really easy to get going. Denon lent me one for the weekend and I simply had to install Serato DJ Intro, pop the controller in and I was good to go. The software is pretty simple to use and you pretty much just have to drag a track into the respective window to get going. If you want to bring all your iTunes music and playlists into the fold you just hit a button and everything is set up for you.

In terms of hardware, Denon haven’t skimped and there’s a rugged metal chassis combined with the jog wheels and faders. Nothing feels at all plasticky and everything feels reassuringly solid. The whole unit runs off USB power making it pretty portable and there are a host of illuminated buttons which makes essential controls easy enough to access.

As you’d expect the MC2000 has twin jog wheels and faders for vinyl-like mixing so you can scratch and mix to your heart’s content. I will never enjoy mixing on a USB controller as much as an old fashioned vinyl but this is much, much easier to pack up and take to a house party, wedding or small club.

If you want a to make things a little more fancy the MC2000 also includes full sample control, loop control, on-board effects and auxiliary as well as microphone input.There’s high-quality audio output from both the RCA sockets on the rear panel and the front mounted headphone socket.

The Denon MC2000 is available for about £260 from October.

DBP-2012UD: Denon promises top quality from a mid-range player

You might have guessed that when AV supremo Denon launches a ‘mid-range’ product that the price tag may well appear to rather more high-end to we more ordinary mortals.


And so it is with Denon’s latest baby – the DBP-2012UD Blu-ray player – which comes in at an eye-watering £750. Having said that, you know that with this brand you are getting a high-end product, and as they say, you get what you pay for.

If you’re in their mid-range budget range, and fancy taking a closer look, you’ll be glad to know the new model is based on the more expensive DBP-4010UD and DVD-A1UD from the same manufacturer.

This model is a ‘universal player’ which means that it can play 3D Blu-rays, as well as SACD and DVD-Audio discs, and offers DLNA-certification for accessing your photos, music and video over a home network. It will also offer streaming direct from YouTube (a firmware update is due in the spring to allow this).

Upscaling of standard DVDs comes courtesy of a leading-edge Anchor Bay Technologies VRS (Video Reference Series) video processor, which Denon promises will see DVDs upscaled to a quality never seen before.

The DBP-2012UD will be available from March in a silver or black finish, so you’ve got time to do a bit of saving if it’s on your wish list.