Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset review

So many gaming headsets are out there, we thought we would put one of them to test. Cyber Snipa specialise in PC gaming perishables. We got to try out the Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset from their award-winning line.


The audio was crystal-clear coming from the four speakers from each cup. The 3D positional software made me hear exactly where the enemy was coming from. The in-line controller allows you to control volume and each channel independently, including the sub, front, center and rear. This is useful for adjusting settings according to what are listening to, chat, movie or music. It has speaker drivers which gives true surround sound. I could really hear the action coming from all around me. It was really comfortable to wear and I was happily wearing for a few hours. It looks amazing and the design feels solid. A unique feature is the flexible boom mic so you can put it as close or far as you like. For the clearest sound, a mic should be touching the side of your mouth and some boom mics are made too far away or too short. This can be moved to suit you. You can also turn off your mic on and off if you need do not want your teammates hear something. The boom mic includes noise cancelling so your team mates will only hear you and not your mum (or wife) shouting to come down for dinner.

It plugs in with a 3M USB cable. I could sit on my sofa and easily have it plugged in. Some headsets can have short cables which I find annoying. If you attend tournaments or travel, this will suit you as it has a travelling case. The earpads can fold in to save space. I can see why they called it the Championship Headset. You can get it now from Amazon for £41.77 here.