Currys collaborates with fashion designer

We do not usually talk fashion here at LG Towers but London Fashion Week is upon us. To the men reading this, that means catwalk models stomping up and down the runway and you laugh uncontrollably at the insane clothes. If I said there is a dress made entirely of just HDMI cables, would you believe me? In the run-up to London Fashion Week, Sandstrom collaborated with knitwear extraordinaire, Craig Lawrence to make just such a dress. Sandstrom is a Scandinavian technology brand known for their design, available exclusively at Currys and PC World. Craig Lawrence is a rising star in the fashion world and known for his complex knitwear.


So what has this got to do technology? The Sandstrom Cable Knit dress was hand knitted with 500 metres of premium Sandstrom gold series HDMI cables. Currys says that HDMI cables are ‘unsung heroes and can make the difference between a good viewing experience and a great one.’ There are three series of HDMI cables at Sandstrom. The Black series is the entry level made with standard copper. The Silver series is the mid-level and raises the transfer rate and made from oxygen free copper. The Gold series the premium and has the highest transfer rate and can transmit the highest resolutions including 4k x2k. The copper is treated making it oxygen-free thermal conductivity copper.

Ever since the introduction of HDMI, there has been the never-ending debate of does the expensive HDMI cables offer better picture? I believe you get what you pay for. The difference may be negligible in some cases but put them side by side and you will spot the difference.

The Black series starts from £39.99. The Silver series starts from £69.99 and the Gold Series starts from £84.99. If you would like to see the Sandstrom cable knit dress, it will be going on tour around Currys store in the UK. It is currently at the Currys Tottenham Court Road Store near Warren Street Station for a few days. Catch it while you can!