SongGenie 2 and CoverScout review

I used to work as a music reviewer way back when CDs meant something, so while half of my physical music collection comprises proper CDs with cases and covers, the other half is a mess of flimsy plastic or cardboard sleeves with track names printed on if you’re lucky or just sort of scrawled on in biro in others. So I’m aware of how annoying a messy music collection can be. Sadly this situation has replicated itself in my iTunes library, with metadata on my files from my early days on AudioGalaxy being all over the place. Even when I tried to digitise my physical collection the CDDB would sometimes fail me and there are plenty of “01 Track 01” entries when I browse my playlists.


equinux, one of the leading developers of Mac, iPad and iPhone solutions in Europe, has two popular apps, SongGenie 2 and CoverScout, which can make an iTunes library as organised and comprehensive as a normal person’s CD collection. Currently number nine and ten respectively in the Mac App Store’s ‘top grossing music apps’, combined SongGenie 2 and CoverScout give music libraries a much needed facelift. SongGenie 2 automatically identifies unknown songs, completes missing information and corrects spellings. Using an acoustic fingerprint for each song, SongGenie 2 recognises incorrect or mislabelled titles and artists, and searches for available song information. It can also insert lyrics straight into the music files, which can then be displayed on an iPad, iPhone or iPod for those who like to read the words or sing along with their tunes. If you have lots of rare Senegalese funk tracks from the mid-seventies then it might not be able to help you and mysterious 90s trance mixes are likely to stay that way. However when testing it did a pretty impressive job of cleaning vast swathes of my iTunes library and even identified some Frank Zappa live recordings that I’d had trouble with.

CoverScout then adds the finishing touches to a music library by helping to find any missing cover art for entire albums. It also gives you the option of being creative and editing covers, such as cropping out white boarders or drawing over an image. Or can also add their own artwork to tracks, giving their library a personal touch. I went through and redid Shaolin’s finest with covers from the Wu-Note project

Both SongGenie 2 and CoverScout are available to download on the Mac App Store or from Equinux.