CES 2015 Video: Rotimatic, quick and delicious rotis and more in one minute

Rotis, the bread-like snack that is a staple for many worldwide, just got much easier to make at home thanks to the new Rotimatic from Zimplistic. The machine makes use of a built-in robotic system and hotplates to create delicious bread treats with great efficiency – it is able to produce rotis, doughballs, wraps and pooris all with various options for thickness, oil use and softness. It is able to produce a full roti in one minute – quick, healthy food whenever you need it. The Rotimatic can hold up to 20 rotis worth of ingredients at once, so will be ready for use many times before needing refilling. It also features a design that allows for easy opening and cleaning when needed. Watch the video above to see the Rotimatic in action.

The Rotimatic’s pre-order stock has run out, but you can register interest and find out more at Zimplistic.

Top 5 Father’s Day Ideas


Who doesn’t love a made-up holiday designed to perpetuate gender stereotypes and sell merchandise? It’s that time of year again and Father’s Day is upon us. Still it fun giving you dad something, be it tickets to the ballet, a new CD player or just a hug. And it you’re looking for something for someone technically inclined we have 5 things that just might do the trick.

If your father’s hand is starting to resemble a bear claw and if your old man responds well to vaguely passive agressive gestures he might very well love Klhip, the world’s first (and only) ergonomically correct nail clippers. Klhip features a precision engineered balance of increased leverage, enhanced control and world-class manufacturing using surgical-grade stainless steel.

Out now from The Foundry for £49.99.


Camper Tent
If you Dad has always secretly had a thing for Mother Nature, and yearned for the Summer of Love then why not get his this officially licensed, four-person tent, which is a full-sized replica of the iconic 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van, synonmous with the 1960s counterculture he turned his back on when he married your mother and went into teaching.

Limited Edition VW Flower Power Campervan Tent: £299.99 or try and win one free from Campetition


Philips Avance Grill
Doesn’t your pops love grilled meat but also reside on the British Isles? Chances are he won’t have many chances to get his BBQ on. Fortunately Philips are hoping to change all that with the Philips Avance Grill (HD6360), the first-of-its-kind indoor barbeque with a unique Taste Infuser, enabling you to infuse your food with natural smoky flavours, herbs, or wine, giving your dishes an authentic barbeque taste.

The Avance Grill is available from Amazon for under £120.00


Wanna give the old man a break from hard work and give him a glimpse into the future household maintenance? Then give him Looj – the UK’s first gutter cleaning robot. Able to clear 30 feet in just 5 minutes the Looj is perfect for clogged cutters and automatically senses and adapts to the conditions in your gutter, making sure the dirtier areas get worked on until clean.
But more importantly you can say “hey Dad I got you a robot”.

The iRobot Looj 330 is available now from iRobot.com for £299.


Orbitsound Wireless Soundbar
If your Dad loves great sound and hates cables then he and I should hang out. And while we’re hanging out we’ll be using Orbitsound’s M series wirless soundbar. We loved Orbitsounds T series wired soundbars and were delighted when they made the leap to wireless. The room-filling spatial sound enhances TV audio and had Bluetiith streaming built in. And there’s a wireless subwoofer for some all-important bass.

Orbitsound M9 and M12, £299 and £399 respectively, both available from John Lewis.

Top 5 Cooking Apps


Consider yourself a novice in the kitchen? Not convinced by the never-ending slew of expensive celebrity cook books? Don’t worry; all answers, recipes, measurements and cooking dilemmas can be found in your very pocket. Take a seat at the chef’s table and allow Latest Gadgets to round up five of the most interesting, informative and easy to use smartphone cooking apps…

Cook School Fresh

On Cook School Fresh

Backed by the Government’s Food For Life campaign, Cook School Fresh respects any level of knowledge and provides full instructions accordingly. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients (well, the clue is in the title), seasonal availability, age of the student and ingredients, this free app serves simple step-by-step instructions that will allow you to progress from water-burner to gourmet guru in a matter of meals.

Free and home to hundreds of healthy recipes, Cook School Fresh shouts louder than many standard recipe applications thanks to its emphasis on education. Setting you up to have the confidence to knock up perfect, low calorie, sustainably sourced grub on your own, the potential to totally ruin your phone with butter-smudged digits also ranks lower than other apps, too…

Yours for FREE


Wolfram Culinary Mathematics

On iTunes

Cooking: it’s all fun and games until you mess up one of the measurements. Especially in the dark art of baking… Stumble on just one of the digits and your flan will end up a complete flop.

Luckily Wolfram’s Culinary Mathematics are here to help; allowing you to negotiate your way through the metric/imperial maze and adapt your portion sizes depending on the size of your dining party, it eases all possible cooking conundrums.

Wait; there’s more. Not only does Culinary Mathematics provide assistance with unit conversions, it’s also a very handy resource for nutritional information and even waste management and budgeting for the family shopping trip.

Numbers and noms: Culinary Mathematics has it all locked down.

Yours for £1.49

Matthew Kenney’s Raw Express

On iTunes

Goodbye cooker, hello healthy lifestyle! Not all recipes involve slaving over a hot stove, you know…


Well established US chef Kenney is something of a raw food evangelist. Proving raw doesn’t just mean ‘knocking up a quick salad’, his Raw Express app offers 50 insightful meals that really push the fresh food and vegan mind set. Highlights abound but take  this first menu suggestion from us: the raw chilli with cashews and sour cream and Brazilian truffles are to die for!

Yours for £1.99


Knife Skills

On iTunes

For those who’ve picked up a few skills and feel a bit handy, say hello to Knife Skills, a comprehensive guide to becoming a proper chopper.

With 36 high definition video tutorials and detailed step-by-step guides, everything you could possibly know about knife work and cooking is right here for the reasonable sum of £6.99. From basic veg prep such as tear-free onion dicing to crafty butchery such as cutting up a whole chicken, this is a great way to literally sharpen your skills in the kitchen.

Yours for £6.99



On iTunes

It’s the moment all budding chefs dread… You’ve got the perfect menu planned, you think you’ve got all the ingredients ready then – horror! – you realise you’ve left one essential item off your list and the store is closed.

What do you do? Run away and cry in your shed? Is that what Gordon Ramsay would do? No siree… He’d look up the best substitution and crack on, which is exactly what you can do with this 69p app. Who knows? You might even create something better with this last minute ingredient switch.

With an added bonus of offering alternative ingredients for food allergies and gluten-free diets, you’ll soon find that not all recipes need to be adhered to as strictly as others…

Yours for 69p

Top 5 BBQ gadgets


For years man has been fascinated by flames. For years man has been fascinated by steak. Needless to say, that small window of the year when man can combine these two points of interest is a golden time for all. Albeit a charred gold.

For years man has also been fascinated by cool technologies… You can see where we’re going with this, right? Don your aprons, grab your firelighters and let’s take the ancient art of BBQing to a whole new level.

George Foreman GIPOD200

Besides meat, beverages and company, the fourth most important ingredient on any self-respecting BBQ baron’s checklist is music. This year, though, you can leave your battery or solar powered radios and speaker docks in the cupboard. You can even tell your guitar-brandishing mate to leave his axe behind… The latest addition to George Foreman’s ever-extending range of grills is this very cool electric BBQ that boasts an iPod docking bay!

Yup, you read that correctly; a BBQ that’s also a soundsystem. Okay so it’s only available in the US right now. And, okay, the foot-based speakers are a humble 10-watt, but, using the 3.5mm jack you can easily hook it up to a larger set of speakers. And don’t go thinking the BBQ lacks in the cooking department; being electric it guarantees consistent heat and, being a proud member of the Foreman range, it also drains the fat like his other grills. Sounds and sizzling lean meat… Life doesn’t get much better.

Yours for $150

BBQ Tower

From: http://www.bbqtower.co.uk

It’s the moment every BBQ commando fears; too many guests and not enough grill space. Who’s going to be last in line for their chicken wing? Who’s going to fight over that recently cooked steak?

Fear not; the BBQ Tower offer three skyward stacking grills, ensuring everyone gets their sausage in time. Each one comes with its own easily removable charcoal tray, meaning all food will be cooked consistently and at the same time. Perfect for those will small gardens or big appetites, its oven-like coverage means you can even cook pizza on it!

Yours for £165


Webber Universal Griddle

From: http://www.bbqworld.co.uk/

So you like the sound of BBQ pizza. Who doesn’t? How about BBQ eggs? How about BBQ pancakes? The world is your oyster with Webber’s Universal Griddle. Shucks, you can cook your oyster using this badboy.

Yes, it’s hardly a technological leap – man has been fascinated by cooking eggs for years – but it’s arguably one of the most essential BBQ tools. The addition of a fried egg to your perfectly singed gammon steak is enough to sell it alone. Let alone pancakes for dessert!

Yours for £21


Heston Blumenthal Precision Digital Meat Thermometer

From: http://www.thermometersdirect.co.uk

The cooking thermometer market is bulging with options that range from the very basic at about a fiver a pop to top notch gadgetry that’s the sole preserve of your Michael Roux Juniors.

Luckily there’s an affordable middle ground. And it comes with the backing of everyone’s favourite baldy food scientist, Heston Blumenthal. With a large, clear digital display, stainless steel body and handy pocket case clip, it’s quite a handy piece of kit. And while the majority of us won’t be using it in the same way Heston will (strawberry snails anyone?) it will massively reduce the risk of food poisoning. Which has to be a good thing, right?

Yours for £12



As featured earlier this year on Latest Gadgets, the Grillbot is the perfect saviour for those sad, poignant moments when the meat is eaten, the guests are gone and the only traces of chargrilled fun are stuck to your BBQ.

Powered by six D-cell batteries, these cheeky grill creepers use sensors to assess the size of your BBQ and control their speed and direction accordingly. Using three sets of replaceable brushes, they steadfastly work their way across the stubborn grease, grime and unidentified burnt things. What’s more, because they’re wire brushes, you can apply the bots while the grill is still warm – the optimum time to clear off any muck from a BBQ. Shucks, you can even wash your brushes in the dishwasher.

With gadgets like this, you’re in grave danger of looking forward to the end of the BBQ almost too much!

Yours for $65.95

Electrolux Infisight and Zanussi QUADRO: Take your home cooking up a notch.

We recently did a feature on fitness gadget that covered all sorts of bits and bobs that will help you stay trim for 2013. However as I’m sure you know “great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym” so we thought we’d also look at two new devices that will help out with your eating habits.


Have a tiny kitchen? Join the club. Great. Now it’s even more crowded. If you’re trying to create dishes in a cramped urban setting you might want to investigate Zanussi’s family-sized microwave oven from its new QUADRO range.


The Zanussi ZKC38310XK can be used as a traditional oven, a microwave to reheat food and as a combination-microwave oven to cook food in half the time – handy if you need a second oven whilst entertaining … or if you just want a first oven for your tiny flat. The combi-microwave uses Thermaflow fan cooking to ensure that hot air spreads evenly within the oven so the crisp/moist mix of your food should be maintained. Yours for around £635.


If you have a little bit more room to work with you might consider getting serious with the Electrolux InfiSight pyrolitic oven. Pyrolitc cleaning means that at the touch of a button the over will heat to nearly 500 degrees, turning all food residue and grease into a fine ash that can be simply wiped away. It’s the oven of choice for Bond villains.

The InfiSight has a colour screen which a database of recipes and you can choose between 13 heating modes, 87 pre-set cooking programs and 18 functions, including 20 settings of your own. The screen will then display your selected heating mode, the actual temperature and the remaining cooking time.

The InfiSight features a FoodProbe to check the temperature of your food and displays it on the colour screen so you get a virtual look inside your meal and have a good idea of when it’s ready to pop out. No more burnt dinners. You can also the cooking level of the oven so that your food is medium, rare or well done … through choice.

Yours for £1,099

Great Christmas kitchen gadgets gifts

Food and sex are almost universal drives for human beings so I thought I’d round up kitchen gadgets gifts for Yuletide. For the food obsessed obvious.


Monster knife set
I don’t normally demand that my kitchen utensils be ridiculously cute but the Monster knife set from Red 5 can’t help but be adorable. What is more, form belies function and knifes are actually pretty good and the set contains five high quality, precision-finished kitchen knives, made of Molybdenum and Vanadium stainless steel,


Gorenje Microwave
We love anything with wifi built-in (Philip’s wireless lightbulbs were amazing) or a touchscreen. Gorenje have brought fingertip magic to the kitchen with this Gorenje HomeCHEF, a built-in oven with full-colour touchscreen. The SIMPLEbake system offers photo realistic images and pre-set programming. You do the pointing, HomeCHEF does the settings, temperature and duration. It’s at the pricer end of kitchen gifts at £1199


Philips Home Cooker
Not to over simplify but the Philip’s Home Cooker is basically a magical cooking robot. The built-in Autostir technology means you can set things going and simply walk away, returning to a dish that has been stirred, melted, simmered, stewed, boiled, steamed, friend and sautéd. Hopefully not all at the same time. You can ever get an attachment that handles all the cutting for you. Delightful and £250.


Panasonic Toasters
We had a look at Panasonic’s stylish new range of kettles, toasters and coffee makers a little earlier in the year and their NT-ZP1 / NT-DP1 Toasters really stood out. I was sent a couple to play with and ate a week’s worth in bread as I was having so much fun playing with the precision browning and pop up croissant rack. I don’t get out much. The styling really does make your kitchen look better (or mine at least) and the countdown to toast function is nothing short of classy. The NT-ZP1 is £119.99 from Panasonic.


Philips Saeco Xsmall Class Black
A great way to get coffee crankin’ through your sys is this custom espresso maker from Philips. Not as fancy as some of the other Saeco range (I played with the Philips Saeco Xelsis which has a built-in fingerprint scanner) Xsmall is a more affordable machine, albeit one with adjustable ceramic grinders and a pannarello to let things get seriously frothy.
Yours for about £350

Sara’s Cooking Class app review

Cooking is big news at the moment – witness the popularity of TV shows such as the Great British Bake Off and the various incarnations of Masterchef. And this interest in all thing culinary is not just confined to grown-ups, kids are getting in on the act too – Junior Masterchef has just started a new series on TV, and the shops are full of gadgets and gizmos to get children cooking this Christmas.

So it’s no surprise that the makers of Girlsgogames, an online social-gaming platform for girls, have just launched a cooking app.


The app features the most popular character on the site, a friendly cartoon chef called Sara, and Sara’s Cooking Class is aimed at girls (and boys too if they want) aged from around six to 12, to enjoy ‘cooking’ in a virtual world, helped along by Sara.

The roleplay app encourages girls to try out recipes such as red velvet cake, pizza and sushi – Sara helps them along and they gain points as they complete the recipes against the kitchen timer.

Latest Gadgets caught up with Dieneke Kuijpers, marketing director of GirlsgoGames, just before the launch. ‘We’ve talked to girls in the UK, US and Holland, and we have found that they all want to pretend they are older and they want to copy their mums. The good thing about gaming is that these things don’t always work in real life, and your recipe doesn’t always come out as you expect, but in the virtual world you can always succeed. And girls love to succeed and get praise from Sara when they get it right.’

‘This provides a safe environment for role play and it gives them control’

The developers also spoke to mums about the app: ‘They told us it was really important to stay in touch with their daughters, if they were playing on screens, and this cooking game was a real favourite as they could play it together. And once the recipe is finished the girls will often say, can we try this at home – so it takes their skills into the real world and offers a bonding experience for the mums and daughters. I even spoke to a dad who said that because of the game they’d made pizza at home for the first time,’ explained Dieneke.

Sara’s Cooking Class app is launched today, Thursday November 8 both as a lite (free) version, and as a full (premium) version with additional features. It is available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Future Kitchen Technology Revealed


Appliance manufacturer Gorenje and sustainable lifestyle products outfit Ecover have joined forces to put a new spin on our kitchen gadgets. These like-minded companies have introduced a whole suite of shiny black technology with the underlying ethos of environmental responsibility, reusable energy and appliance efficiency – with all the innards easily repairable or replaceable to reduce temptation to scrap them when the gloss comes off.


Cooking up a storm

The piece of kit that really grabs our attention is a touchscreen cooker (thankfully not on the oven door!) The Gorenje HomeCHEF built-in oven with full-colour touchscreen boasts “photo realistic images” for a cook-by-pictures experience. To use SIMPLEbake, just tap a picture of a mouthwatering plate to select or scroll through the options to activate a pre-set programme and then sit back and hope it turns out as delicious as it looks while it handles the settings, temperature and duration. SRP is £1199

Forget-the-knobs hob

Don’t let your oven outsmart your hob. The IQcook induction hob uses sensors to measure and keep a watch on your pans while automatically adjusting heat and cooking times. Like the oven, there’s a whole raft of pre-set cooking modes including frying and slow cooking. Gorenje’s patented SmartSense safety function is designed to prevent your food from boiling over or burning and if a pan boils dry, the cooking hob automatically switches off. With such features as StayWarm and IQBoil, it’s one step away from having your own chef – if only it had an attachment that could crack eggs and make a cup of tea we’d be laughing. SRP £699

Food for thought

If food storage contraptions usually leave you cold, Gorenje has also turned its attentions to the fridge-freezer. The Simplicity range does the complete opposite of the cookers, stripping back all the programmes to give you all the controls in a single dial.

One particularly nifty feature is the Cool’n’Fresh drawer, which sends cool air directly into the vegetable crisper and food and meat bins to diminish droopy leaves and prolong the freshness of your cold cuts. SRP £659

A new Fiery Red range gives you the option of a retro-styled vibrant red finish to match the bright A++ energy rating. If you’re not blinded by the fiery hues, the RB60299ORD refrigerator also packs a SuperCool fast chill option – ideal for blitzing drinks in a social situation – and a fast freeze, which gives your dishes an extra shot of blizzard before returning to the pre-set temperature once your food is frozen. SRP £719

Curtains to smaller washes

A couple of washing machines join this classy kitchen collection. The catchy-sounding WA74163 7k machine or the roomier 8kg WA82145 have A-10% energy ratings and an extra-large 33cm porthole door to avoid the inevitable battering when trying to crowbar in your duvet. UseLogic technology continuously monitors the purity of the water to avoid a stinky cycle and adjusts water usage according to the type of load. It also keeps tabs on detergent levels to determine whether or not you need an extra rinse – ideal if like me you load the machine throughout the day and risk doubling up rather than digging through your smalls to check you put the soap in first.

I particularly like the look of the 17 minute -wait for it… – Quick Wash”, which will rinse through lesser-soiled pieces you need in a hurry. SRP £645

The WA82145 adds a delayed start function, which means you can programme it to get to work at the dead of night to take advantage of better energy rates or start at another more favourable time (like after Eastenders). SRP £410 (reflecting less premium components and reduced guarantee).