EE and Vodafone jump the gates in providing easy travel payments


Mobile providers are rushing to offer contactless payment for TFL when it is launched on the 16th of September on the London Underground system. Contactless payment cards are debit, credit, charge or pre-paid cards that can be used to make quick, easy and secure payments for everyday purchases under £20. There is no need for a PIN or a signature, just touch your card on contactless card reader and off you go!

Bus network TFL is soon launching the contactless payment scheme on London’s Tube, DLR and Overground public transport systems. Methods of payment will include most of UK’s cards (for the full list go to TFL), Vodafone and EE Cash on Tap. EE has a daily and weekly cap that ensure you do not pay more than you would using an Oyster card. Introduction of contactless payment will allow travellers to pay for their bus and train fares quickly and easily, reducing queues and the likelihood of missing trains and buses – a common fear in the Underground.

Universal contcactless card symbol – if your card features a similar symbol, you can use contactless payment


It is a great tool for users of London’s transport links but not only them – I personally travel to London every 3 months and I have an Oyster card which allows me to avoid queuing time when I get off the train and on to the Tube. My main issue being I always lose my Oyster card the night before leaving! With contactless and Mobile provider payment I just need to take my card and phone and I can travel freely. Additionally I always run out of money on my Oyster card when it is rush hour. Nothing is more terrifying than an angry Londoner stuck behind someone who has run out of credit on their Oyster card and cannot travel. What is also frustrating is queuing for 10 minutes just to find your Oyster card has run out of credit – these new systems will aim to overcome these misfortunes.

If you like to keep your London travelling a pain-free experience, I recommend you check out these network provider apps and try contactless payment – the latter being useful for morning coffees to enjoy on your commute.