How fast an internet connection do you really need?


For those old enough to remember the old days of dial-up connection with Wi-Fi nowhere to be seen, modern broadband has been a God send. For the most part it allows us to download files in a reasonably fast time and streaming movies usually goes without a blip.

For businesses however this is not always enough, especially larger corporations with offices in different parts of the country or indeed the world. For smaller businesses 10 to 100 mega bits a second is usually adequate.

But for some organisations that simply isn’t fast enough. Some businesses demand speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second – that’s between 10 and 100 times faster than your average business broadband speed.

So what type of business, if any, demands such high-speed internet connections? Is it really necessary and what advantages does it bring them?

Multinational companies

For companies with an international presence, superfast internet speeds are a must. This is particularly true when it comes to video-conferencing calls. For a company who has a presence in different parts of the world, video-conferencing has become an essential tool for effective communication. As this requires high uninterrupted speeds to be carried out effectively, your average home/ office broadband will not suffice.

Leased line connections offer a dedicated line to the user, meaning it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you use it, it will still deliver a fast connection. Click here for a description of the different types of internet connections that are currently available.

City banks  

In large city institutions leased line connections offer both a fast and ultimately a more secure way to conduct business. Take for example a video-conference call going on between London and New York – at the same time someone else wants to monitor stock prices. It is essential that there is sufficient bandwidth to run both applications simultaneously, otherwise one or other – or both will suffer.

Leased line connections also offer more security as they are connected through two points as opposed to over the internet.

E-Commerce Businesses

Basic broadband packages offer download speeds but not always upload speeds. This is ineffective for an e-commerce business or any company that conducts their business online. They need a fast connection that can also guarantee quick uploading times in order to sustain their business.

Of course not everyone needs such superfast speeds; here is an article outlining how much internet speed is right for you.


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