Spyder4TV: Advanced television calibration

You may think you have the ultimate TV package, what with your fancy BluRay player hooked up to your super 3D HD super widescreen plasma set… but how can you easily tell if it is fully calibrated? With so many options available, this isn’t an easy question to answer. The clever folks at Datacolor may have the solution in their latest box of tricks, the Spyder4TV HD controller.


Featuring an advanced ‘colourimeter’, the Spyder4TV offers improvements on the manufacturers colour settings by adjusting your televisions parameters for optimal performance. The software is easy to use and set up, measuring and adjusting your television brightness, colour, contrast, tint and temperature settings to produce a picture quality that is hard to beat.

As the follow up to the Spyder3TV, the Spyder4TV HD offers many improvements, including full BluRay support, compatibility with LCD, LED, OLED, CRT and front projectors and is capable of calibrating the majority of TV’s up to 70″ in size.

According to Dave Faulkner, Datacolor’s product manager, the Spyder4TV HD is an essential product for movie and sports buffs… “Natural colours and picture accuracy, displayed as intended by the director, will provide users with a superior picture quality unlike anything they’ve experienced before in the comfort of their home.” Certainly sounds like a sight for sore eyes, especially if they have been subjected to years of over-saturated colour-schemes.

The Spyder4TV HD is available to purchase now for £100, with a downloadable software upgrade kit for exiting users of the Spyder4TV or the Spyder4Elite available for £50 from the Datacolor website.

For more information on Spyder4TV and other TV calibration products, please visit www.datacolor.com

Pantone app: Designers get a world of colours on their mobiles

Pantone colours are a vital tool for the designer – quote a Pantone colour to a repro house or printer and you can be assured that what comes out in your finished product will be the colour you were expecting.

So, it’s no surprise that Pantone colours have already been brought into the mobile arena – an iPhone app was introduced a couple of years ago – because who knows when you might see just the right colour, while you’re on the bus, taking a walk, or doing a bit of window shopping. That app has now been upgraded, plus Pantone has brought the same facilities to Android users.


MyPantone for Android lets users capture, create, and share colour palettes – offering access to more than 13,000 Pantone colours wherever you are.

Take a shot of a colour you like on your camera phone, and the app will let you extract it from the image and match it to the closest Pantone colours – a useful facility that will cut out a lot of fiddling about.

Libraries include Plus Series Formula Guide (coated and uncoated), Plus Series CMYK, Color Bridge, Premium Metallics, Pastels & Neons, Goe (coated and uncoated), GoeBridge (coated), Fashion + Home Color System Library (paper and cotton), and Fashion + Home nylon brights.

As well as giving you the values for sRGB, HTML and L*a*b*, each colour swatch will also offer up a number of L*a*b* harmonious colour combinations. Plus, its cross-referencing abilities let you find similar shades across the Pantone Colour Libraries.

myPantone 2.0 for the iPhone, iPod and iPad is a free update for owners of the current Pantone app.

New features include the facility to calibrate your iPhone display so that it shows Pantone Colours in a more ‘true’ format, plus it offers CMYK data for all Plus Series Colors. You can also print from compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices using AirPrint.

The free upgrade is available to all MyPantone app owners, while new users will pay £6.99 for a download from the App Store.

The Android app costs $7.99 from Android Market.