“Whatever it Takes” iPhone 4 case collection by Exspect

Like Oliver Twist, the iPhone 4 is a runaway success. And the third-party ecosystem surrounding it – from docks and battery packs, to cases is massive. Apple’s one phone a year release schedule gives the accessory ecosystem a chance to refresh and resell a whole new range of cases much to their delight (and my chagrin).


However, like opinions, everyone seems to have an iPhone 4 case and telling them apart is no easy task – they all do pretty much the same function of keeping your iPhone shielded (and clears up any lingering signal attenuation issues).

New in my inbox this week is the “Whatever it Takes” collection by Exspect? These cases are specially designed by celebrity artists including The Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal, FooFighters and David Bowie among others, who all donated their artwork. Each case raises funds for various charity organisations and is packed in environmentally friendly package. The cases themselves are form fitting, high-grade polycarbonate shells, which don’t bulk out your iPhone and manage to leave you feel pretty protected. And design-wise they are also pretty eye-catching – Dave Grohl and David Bowie’s designs both stood out for me.

Charity tech products are not new (the RED line is well established) but the “Whatever it Takes” approach is a little different. They gathered 660 leaders: royalty, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, business leaders, actors, musicians, artists, fashion designers, sportsmen and sportswomen and writers, all pledging to do ‘whatever it takes’ to address issues of the 21st Century. So as charities go it’s a pretty interesting one – working for poverty alleviation, the protection of children and environmental conservation.

Out now from Exspect and available to purchase on Amazon.co.uk