New Sony CP-F1L and CP-F2L Li-ion polymer USB chargers

It’s both funny and frustrating how even your best love tech-gadgets can become lifeless hunks of glass and steel when they’re low on juice. I love my iMac, but when it went through a period of power management issues it was basically just a giant hunk of glass reflecting a man weeping and tearing his hair out. And my extensive smartphone use means I get a day’s charge from my iPhone if I’m lucky. That’s not a knock on any particular brand of smartphone – I’ve tested various brands over time and regardless of maker or OS my daily mix of music, podcasts, 3G streaming and text entry will wear down the best of batteries. When I was an iPhone 4/4S owner I had any number of battery cases stashed on my person – if a very long night was planned I would sometimes venture out of the house with two cases. But that’s a one size fits one solution – and with a current gap (a very deliberate pun) in the iPhone 5 battery case market it doesn’t help me in my day to day.


Fortunately, hi-tech makers of almost everything Sony have released two Li-ion polymer USB chargers – the CP-F1L and CP-F2L. Sony have more than 20 years of Li-ion rechargeable battery manufacturing technology and expertise. If you need power on the go – for a range of devices – then you should read on.

Just 9.4mm thin and 125g light, the CP-F1L has a battery capacity of 3,500mAh, allowing smartphone users to recharge their phones 1.5 times with a high output of 1.5A. With an output of 2.1A, the CP-F2L offers an even higher capacity of 7,000 mAh in a 12.9mm thin body weighing 198g, and is capable of charging a smartphone up to 3 times. The CP-F2L also features dual USB output power ports so you can bring a friend.


Both new chargers can be charged via either an AC adaptor or the USB port on a computer or notebook. The supplied AC adaptor also allows for simultaneous charging of both the charger and a portable device at the same time. A 50cm micro USB cable is provided with both models for convenient on-the-go charging.
The innovative Li-ion polymer battery in both chargers retains up to 80% of its charged capacity after a year, and can be recharged 500 times. They both come pre-loaded with about 50% charge, so if you can be saved from a tight spot from the moment you purchase one.

The new CP-F1L and CP-F2L portable USB battery chargers from Sony are available in Europe from mid-December 2012.

Get the power whether you’re at a festival or camping with One For All’s chargers

So Glastonbury is over for another year and you’ve got the muddy boots to prove it, but there are still plenty of other events where you might be stuck in the middle of a field suffering from gadget withdrawal symptoms. But fear not, for there are yet more gadgets that can help you keep connected.

Image courtesy of Flickr user john_charalambous

And of course they’re not only good for festivals – if you’re camping this year (or even glamping if you go in for that kind of thing) and are concerned about keeping yourself online, on your phone or maintaining your poker-straight hair –there is help at hand…

The folk at One for All have come up with a veritable plethora of charging implements to keep the watts (or is it amps?) flowing…

First up is the One For All car charger (£16.99), which turns your car cigarette lighter into a charging station and comes complete with seven tips for charging up your mobile phone, MP3 player, PDA, digital camera or game player.

If you want to use your laptop (or get at your barnet with the hair straighteners) you’ll be shelling out £29.99 for the One For All in-car power socket, which converts the cigarette lighter into a 220V mains power point. Also handy for hair dryers (and with the British weather what it is, that could be really useful!).

If you’re not a car owner and will be combining cycling or walking with camping, or indeed have got the train to a festival, there’s also a charger for you. The One For All Universal Travel Power Pack has a 1050 mAh battery which, once pre-charged, gives up to 100 hours of extra power (standby time) when the device’s own battery has run down. It costs £29.99. More on these devices at

Finally if you need to charge up your phone or iPad quickly, then you might consider the TomTom high-speed multi-charger, which has a 1.2 amp USB charging port for mobile phones or MP3 players, plus a 2.1 amp port to speed-charge high power USB devices such as an iPad or iPhone. It also features a third port for powering 12V in-car devices such as DVD players, and costs £19.99. More at