CES 2015 Video: Kelvin, the wireless wine thermometer

The perfect wine, they say, must be served at the perfect temperature in order to capture its true taste. Kelvin aims to help those trying to gain this perfect temperature in the easiest way possible. It does this by wirelessly monitoring the temperature of the bottle, and sending notifications to your smartphone depending on the temperature. You’ll be notified when the temperature is too high or low, and when it’s at the perfect drinking temperature. This will keep avid connoisseurs happy at wine parties – the perfect wine is bound to impress. Watch the video above to see the Kelvin in action.

The Kelvin is available now for £39.99. Visit Kelvin to find out more.

CES 2015 Video: Rotimatic, quick and delicious rotis and more in one minute

Rotis, the bread-like snack that is a staple for many worldwide, just got much easier to make at home thanks to the new Rotimatic from Zimplistic. The machine makes use of a built-in robotic system and hotplates to create delicious bread treats with great efficiency – it is able to produce rotis, doughballs, wraps and pooris all with various options for thickness, oil use and softness. It is able to produce a full roti in one minute – quick, healthy food whenever you need it. The Rotimatic can hold up to 20 rotis worth of ingredients at once, so will be ready for use many times before needing refilling. It also features a design that allows for easy opening and cleaning when needed. Watch the video above to see the Rotimatic in action.

The Rotimatic’s pre-order stock has run out, but you can register interest and find out more at Zimplistic.

CES 2015 Video: Pacif-i Bluetooth baby pacifier/dummy

CES 2015 has been quick to support parents of young children, from the momaRoo to the Baby Glgl. Next to present their newest tool to new parents were Blue Maestro with their Pacif-i Bluetooth pacifier for babies. This isn’t any ordinary Pacifier – with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in sensors, the pacifier will send information such as the baby’s temperature and location. The dummy also contains a built-in tracker so if the baby drops it you won’t stumble across it several days later. Free apps for IOS and Android will be released to allow parents and carers to manage the dummy’s measurements and medication for the child, for example. Watch the video above for a look at the upcoming Pacif-i.

The Pacif-i is available to pre-order for £25 and is due for an early 2015 release. Visit Blue Maestro to find out more.

CES 2015 Video: SelfieBrush, smartphone holder hairbrush

The SelfieBrush, from the creators of The Wet Brush, shows more of the more quirky side of the gadgetry displayed at CES 2015. The brush allows the user to slide their smartphone (iPhone 5/5S/6, Galaxy S4 and an upcoming Galaxy S5 model) into the brush itself, displaying the screen from the back of your phone. This could be a boon for anyone struggling to get ready with no mirror, or anyone needing to send a quick text while they rush to get ready. Of course, the brush also aims for the social media crowd, many of whom will love the ease of use you will be able to take selfies with the brush. Watch the video above to see the SelfieBrush in action.

The SelfieBrush is available now for $19.99. For more information visit SelfieBrush.

CES 2015 Video: Slow Control’s Baby Glgl, the ‘smart’ baby milk bottle

CES 2015 has shown us a number of useful gadgets for parents of young families, such as the mamaRoo. The Baby Glgl from the team behind the ‘Smart Fork’ – Slow Control – is a ‘smart’ baby milk bottle, which comes coupled with an app. The bottle allows parents to combat issues that children can receive from baby bottles such as excess air consumption and colic. It does this by providing feedback on a number of things such as whether you’re holding the bottle at the right angle and how much the child has drunk. This could provide peace of mind and improved control for parents and carers of children. Watch the video above to see a demonstration of how the bottle works.

The Baby Glgl is to be released in 2015. For more information and to sign up for email updates on the product, visit Slow Control.

CES 2015 Video: Olloclip camera lens for iPhone 6

While smartphone cameras have been improving rapidly in recent years, even top-of-the-line devices can fall short of the visual effects we really need. One area that can disappoint is that of field of view – the area that the lens is able to ‘see’. At CES we were lucky enough to test out Olloclip’s new 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The lens offers 4 options – Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro and 15x Macro. The device will take the iPhone’s photography and video-making capabilities up a couple of notches, and comes with a free clip and Lanyard for easy carrying and switching when you’re on a selfie spree. Watch the video above to see the device in action.

The Olloclip 4-in-1 is available now for £59.99. Visit Olloclip to find out more.




CES 2015 Video: SleepPhones Bluetooth speaker headband


One of the more quirky gadgets on show at CES is the SleepPhones headband. This headband has Bluetooth speakers built-in, for music during sleep or after washing your hair. The headband has medical approval – it’s developed by a family doctor – is washable, and can go a full 8-12 hours without needing a recharge. It can also be recharged by USB or wireless power block. SleepPhones describe the product as ‘Pajamas for your ears’ and they could be the perfect gadget for anyone who enjoy’s listening to music while they sleep, but cannot stand having headphones on all night.

SleepPhones are available now for £29.99 for the classic version, or go wireless for £69.99. Visit SleepPhones to find out more.

CES 2015 Video: Hyundai ‘Blue Link’ app

Picture this: you’ve just left work into the cold darkness and can’t wait to get into your warm car. You walk into the busy car park and it hits you – you can’t for the life of you remember where you parked. What if, in true James Bond style, you could pull back your sleeve, hit a button on your smartwatch and have your car flash its headlights and illuminate itself in the darkness? This sort of life-saving idea is that Hyundai are aiming to achieve in their new Blue Link smartwatch and smartphone app. The app will allow you to have your car flash its headlights, unlock and lock its doors, and beep its horn among other features, all remotely and securely. Check out the video above to see a demonstration of the app in action.

The Blue Link app is available now for use with compatible Hyundai vehicles. Visit Hyundai to find out more.