Bullet proof! Four gadgets not to be messed with

“Bullet proof gadgets” you may cry aghast that there are such products. Although as we saw last summer with the English riots that stunned the whole world, Britain’s yob culture is a force not to be taken lightly. The shock of the English riots may have eventually settled down but the memories of the hooded yobs instilling fear and mayhem on Britain’s streets have far from faded and therefore taking the precaution of ‘bullet proofing’ your gadgets might not be as far-fetched as it first sounds.

Hence there is now a market for bullet proof gadgets – Check out these four.


Bullet Proof iPhone case

People will go to long lengths to protect their beloved iPhones, which happen to be one of the most ‘nickable’ items of modern society. Therefore when Japanese technology manufacturers, Marudai, unveiled its ‘indestructible’ steel case that can resist a .50 caliber round, instead of creating outrage, the world of tech embraced the creation as the ‘perfect protection for those planning to recreate the infamous iPhone vs gun’ videos on YouTube, whereby some crazy guys shoot at their iPhones and other gadgets just to ‘see what happens’.

This $650 – yes $650 – bullet proof case features an inch thick slab of steel plating that Marudai claims can resist a .50 caliber round – Trust the Japanese!

Pretec i-Disk Bullet Proof

In the underground world of a London gang being able to boast that your USB stick is bullet proof is likely to be worth a touch of credibility. But for those of us living a non-criminal existence would there be any point in owning a Pretec i-Disk Bullet Proof? I mean what are the chances of your USB stick being shot at?

Asides being bullet proof, data transfers with the tiny I-Disk are apparently super-speedy and as well as getting mobile lock software for locking down your PC or laptop, the i-Disk contains a Security Zip for wrapping up precious data in password-protected armour – Now that’s more like it!

Bullet Proof undies

According to Tech News Daily, US marines recently requested for 27,500 pairs of “ballistic undergarments” – bullet proof undies!

Made from a special anticmicrobial double weave silk, the ultra-tough underwear will help protect soldiers and marines from low-angle explosives associated with landmines and other explosives.

Bullet Proof nail varnish

Whilst nail polish can hardly be considered as being a gadget, the ludicrousness of there being such a thing as bullet proof nail varnish makes it worthy of a mention. To avoid those ghastly chips from occurring on your nails before you’ve even left the house, ‘Nutra Nail’ is apparently one of the strongest nail polishes available. How? Because its made with Kevlar, the patented material used in bullet proof vests.

Although nail polish that glides on smoothly weaving a powerful shield that resists nails from splitting, cracking, peeling and breaking, will cost you, a whopping £12.95 bottle!