Review: Bright Light Ranger and Eton Scorpion

If you go camping, boating or fishing, or indeed need a light at the bottom of the garden, the low-energy ultra-bright LED Bright Light Ranger lamp has been designed for you.


Now don’t think this a torch that you can slip in your pocket – it’s a bigger piece of kit – around the size of a portable DVD drive – and quite weighty. However, it does send out a decent wide angle beam that can cover a 40-square metre area and offers 12 hours from a single charge.

The lamp boasts 12 Power LEDs, which are brighter than ordinary LEDs, and should the light die at a vital moment you have several choices for charging – you can plug it into the mains to get juice into the rechargeable battery, use a 12V car socket, or in a real emergency, use the wind-up handle, which fits neatly into the side of the body.

Nowadays, we come to expect gear designed for use outdoors to have a rubberised body, which the Bright Light Ranger doesn’t have. It does feel pretty sturdy, but I’m not sure how much hard use it would survive – if you’re outside camping, or in a stables or boating environment, things tend to get a bit of a bashing.

It’s not cheap at £89.99, but it does do a better job than most of the camping lanterns I’ve tried over recent years, and as an emergency power source – you might even keep it to use if there’s a power cut at home, it’s probably worth a punt. Yours from

Also aimed at the outside user is the Eton Scorpion, a solar powered radio, mobile phone charger, LED flashlight and bottle opener! That might give you a clue to the type of user it is aimed at – it would be great for campers and festival goers.


The good-looking gadget fits in the hand, although it’s quite chunky and comes in either black and bright orange or black and vibrant green. Its body is rubberised to withstand knocks and shocks and it has a carabineer clip so that you can hook it to a tent, line or wire.

The radio picked up a decent signal in our village, which from I know doesn’t benefit from the best reception, and the torch is a really useful addition. The charger managed to power up an iPhone, and if you run out of juice you can use the solar panel, DC adaptor or the crank dynamo in an emergency. The only not-so-rugged part of the unit is the rubber cover for the power and headphone ports, which I suspect would easily get pulled off with continued use.

It’s a nifty, good looking and fun piece of kit for the traveller – and you can always do with an extra bottle opener! Priced at £49.99 from