Yoomi self-warming baby feeding bottle

It’s 4.30am and you’ve been woken for the fourth time tonight. You can’t remember the last time you slept for a full eight hours and at this exact point in time you’d consider selling your first born in exchange for a decent night’s kip.

The result of all your sleep deprivation has turned your brain to mush, and even the simplest tasks feel more akin to trying to fix the Large Hadron Collider. Simple, but essential tasks, like getting your baby its milk.

Step in parents Jim and Farah Shaikh, inventors of the Yoomi Baby Bottle. They have created a bottle that heats baby formula or breast milk in just 60 seconds to 32-34 degrees centigrade; the ideal temperature for baby milk. All you need to do is prepare the formula a maximum of four hours prior to use, store it in the Yoomi bottle in the fridge, then push a button on the Yoomi bottle to re-heat  it. That makes it to date the quickest and easiest way to deliver pre-heated milk to your bundle of joy. Cue a host of industry awards and the eternal gratefulness of millions of parents worldwide.

The Yoomi Baby Bottle works in a similar way to gel hand-warmers. The orange button triggers a non-chemical solution to turn from liquid to solid, giving off heat. After 30 seconds the button turns blue. You then put the cap on and turn the bottle upside down for a further 30 seconds. That’s it. The cold milk flows through heated channels to get it to the ideal temperature. It can be recharged up to 100 times.

The bottle disassembles into about five parts which can be easily washed and sterilised using conventional methods.  Recharging it is as straightforward as using it. The easiest way is to put the warmer in a pan of boiling water for 25 minutes. Alternatively, a steam steriliser also does the job, but it requires four times more water than a normal sterilisation cycle. You have to leave it to cool for at least 75 minutes after recharging.

The compact size makes it also ideal for travelling or bringing to cafes and restaurants – so there’s no longer any need to emotionally blackmail a grumpy waiter to get you hot water to warm your bottle. The only question this leaves is why wasn’t it invented sooner!