Logitech Mini Boombox – the ultimate portable speaker set?

We all know what poor quality most built-in speakers are, especially when it comes to mobile phones. The tinny sound output can become grating at best, and if you are someone who likes to listen to music or take calls on your speakerphone, but don’t wish to subject your ears to aural torture each time you do so, then Logitech may has come up with the perfect solution. The Mini Boombox.


The Bluetooth-enabled sound system can connect to not only smartphones that support Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.5), but also tablets, laptops and other devices that support Bluetooth® Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). It may be small in size, but the Boombox, which will retail at £69.99 and goes on sale across Europe at the end of November, promises to deliver a quality sound output, putting an end to your tinny nightmares.

Not only can you use the Boombox for playing music, be used in conjunction with movies and games, but you can also take phone calls on it. The versatile Boombox features a built-in microphone which allows you to make and take phone calls hands free, all in crystal clear clarity.

Featuring an internal USB-chargeable battery, Logitech have ensured these portable speakers truly are portable. With up to ten hours playback time, you can take these compact speakers with you wherever you go, and the backlit LCD screen allows them to be used both at night and day.

We hope to have a model in for review soon – it is not available in the shops until the end of November – so will bring you a full lowdown on the Boombox when we can. For now though, please visit www.logitech.com for more information.

New Logitech headset and boombox

Logitech have just announced two brand new products to their range, and they will be manna in heaven for the discerning tablet and smartphone user with a few extra pennies in his or her back pocket.


The Wireless Headset synchs up with all your major tablets and phones (iPod, iPad, iTouch, anything with Android) to allow the owner to use all the audio, video and call features of the thoroughly modern gizmo without having to attach said gizmo to a hand/ear/mouth, and instead utilise them at their leisure around the home.

How does it work? You tell us. However, what we do know is that the headsets have what the developers call ‘lazer-tuned drivers” which will apparently dispel rich syrupy stereo sound down the ears of whoever has the headset on. The drivers will also apparently minimise distortion, which as someone that has recently become a regular user of the wondrous Skype, is a marvellous thing. In fact, to our mind, for anybody that regularly uses Skype this product is surely a near must-have, seeing as the only real downside to the telephone program is that you have to be near a microphone (in our case on our webcam). With a microphone attached to this headset, anyone calling a faraway loved one will be able to absentmindedly throw a fragrant stir-fry together whilst still getting the lowdown on Auntie Carol’s new boob-job. A noise cancelling microphone will thankfully ensure that them on the other side of the planet will not have their discourse distracted by the aromatic fizz of soy on pan.

Released in October and priced at an okay-looking-to-us £54.99, the headset gets a definite thumbs up from this end.


Coming out in tandem with the headset is the retro-named Boombox, and it is an antidote to all the docking stations of the world. You can place the speaker 10 metres from your device (compatible with all the same as the headset) and seamlessly stream audio to spice up your situation. Logitech unsurprisingly wax lyrical about its sound capabilities, and evocatively claim that the Boombox uses “eight custom-designed drivers [to] separate sounds frequencies, so you hear crisp, clear high notes [and] a rich , full mid-range and deep powerful bass.” Obviously its ability to pick up the signal will depend on the environment the user is, so if you find yourself in the middle of a gale on the Pennines, don’t expect to be able to keep it the same distance as you would at home. But then that’s pretty obvious really.

It’s not cheap at £129.99 and the proof of its worth will be in whether it breaks down after 9 months. If it doesn’t, however, it can join the Wireless Headset as another worthy addition to the Logitech stable.

Boom, shake, shake, shake the room with a revival of the 80s boombox from TDK

First it was the clothes with big shoulders, playsuits and animal prints, then Sony brought out an updated version of the Walkman, and now it’s the turn of the boombox – yes it’s true. The eighties seems to be achieving cool status, and the latest item to be brought into the 21st century is the boombox. Audio expert TDK is behind this latest move with its Life on Record range.


You remember, those huge ‘portable’ sound systems that cool dudes would carry round on their shoulders (sometimes if they were ultra cool, they would be skating at the same time). Now they’re back (the boomboxes, not the skating cool dudes) – but these three-speaker boxes of tricks have an added bonus up their sleeve, because you can dock your iPod into them. The three-speaker boombox has 2 x 10-watt plus 1 x 15-watt Class D biamplification, two 6-inch coaxial speakers, and an active subwoofer for the third speaker.

There is also a two-speaker boombox, and both versions have inputs for USB, 3.5mm and auxiliary ports for connections to an iPod, iPhone, smartphone or USB flash drive. If you like to make music rather than just listen to it, you can also plug in a guitar or microphone and mix with other music sources.

“In designing our new line of TDK Life on Record audio products, we focused on what people love about analogue products – the warmth of sound – and merged that with modern digital technology. The result is a unique line that combines premium sound quality with bold designs and crafted finishes,” said Steve Swenson, global brand manager for TDK Life on Record.

The range also includes the Life on Record Sound Cube, which is pretty portable at 17lb and has a handle on top.  Its cube design enables the two powerful 5 1/4-inch coaxial drivers to point the sound to fill a room.

You can also connect your Cube to your portable audio player. It has USB, 3.5 mm, and auxiliary ports, so you can use your iPod, iPhone, smartphone, USB flash drive, and even an external drive.

And for a real blast from the past, TDK has also launched a belt turntable so you can play your old 45s and LPs. Its “floating” design isolates the platter and needle from external vibrations, and integrated optical feedback circuit ensures consistent playback by continually monitoring the speed and automatically adjusting for any variation. The USB Belt-Drive Turntable also has an integrated pre-amp, USB output and software that lets you import and convert tracks to a PC in MP3 format.

Prices are as follows: 3 Speaker Boombox – £499; 2 Speaker Boombox – £399; Sound Cube – £299; USB Belt-Drive Turntable – £349; Belt-Drive Turntable – £299

For more details head to www.tdk-media.com