CES 2015 Video: Pacif-i Bluetooth baby pacifier/dummy

CES 2015 has been quick to support parents of young children, from the momaRoo to the Baby Glgl. Next to present their newest tool to new parents were Blue Maestro with their Pacif-i Bluetooth pacifier for babies. This isn’t any ordinary Pacifier – with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in sensors, the pacifier will send information such as the baby’s temperature and location. The dummy also contains a built-in tracker so if the baby drops it you won’t stumble across it several days later. Free apps for IOS and Android will be released to allow parents and carers to manage the dummy’s measurements and medication for the child, for example. Watch the video above for a look at the upcoming Pacif-i.

The Pacif-i is available to pre-order for £25 and is due for an early 2015 release. Visit Blue Maestro to find out more.

CES 2015 Video: SleepPhones Bluetooth speaker headband


One of the more quirky gadgets on show at CES is the SleepPhones headband. This headband has Bluetooth speakers built-in, for music during sleep or after washing your hair. The headband has medical approval – it’s developed by a family doctor – is washable, and can go a full 8-12 hours without needing a recharge. It can also be recharged by USB or wireless power block. SleepPhones describe the product as ‘Pajamas for your ears’ and they could be the perfect gadget for anyone who enjoy’s listening to music while they sleep, but cannot stand having headphones on all night.

SleepPhones are available now for £29.99 for the classic version, or go wireless for £69.99. Visit SleepPhones to find out more.

CES 2015 Video: 4mom’s mamaRoo Bluetooth baby bouncer

4mom’s mamaRoo, as showcased this year at CES, could be the newest boon for parents with young children that appreciate movement. It’s a high-tech baby bouncer, controllable on your smartphone or tablet, that is able to move ‘like you do’ i.e. in similar patterns that a young child might be used to – such as a car ride or sitting on a parent’s lap. It also offers built-in sound effects like the sound of rain to calm your child to sleep. The custom-built app and buttons on the unit allow the user to change between these modes and sounds on the fly. Watch the video above to see the mamaRoo in action.

The mamaRoo is available now at $239.99 without a plush seat, or $269.99 with the plush included. Visit 4moms to find out more.



Competition: Win a hipKey proximity & movement alarm

hipkey-comp-headerWe’ve teamed up with the folks at CSR to give away this innovative new gadget. The hipKey helps you keep track of your iPhone, iPad or even your loved ones, hipKey will help protect the things you love most. At the push of a button, hipKey will also save you time by helping you find your belongings.

The hipKey incorporates CSR’s Bluetooth® Smart technology, which enables ultra low power connectivity and basic data transfer for applications previously limited by the power consumption, size constraints and complexity of other wireless standards.


The competition is open until midnight GMT on February 21, 2014 and is open to residents of the UK aged 18 and over. The winner will be picked at random and will be notified via Twitter within 5 working days of the competition end date. Our decision is final. The prizes is as stated, is not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. We reserve the right to amend or alter the terms of competitions at any time and to reject entries from entrants not entering into the spirit of the competition.


Blue teeth: Kolibree the world’s first connected toothbrush


When the inventors of Bluetooth revealed their new wireless communication method in the late 1990s, few people could have envisaged it being used to monitor toothbrushes. However, at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, French firm Kolibree unveiled a connected toothbrush that uses Bluetooth to provide users with unparalleled levels of feedback about their brushing habits and oral hygiene levels.

Kolibree claim that their smart toothbrush turns teeth-cleaning into “a fun experience”, although it’s more likely to appeal in terms of preventing poor brushing techniques and obeying the diktats of the dentist. The brush’s bristles are filled with sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. These generate a detailed summary about whether any crevices have been missed, how much pressure has been applied at each point, and specific brushing directions.

Information from a family of brushes can be fed to an app-equipped Android or iOS smartphone, and daily dental routines can be shared through social media (or sent directly to your dentist), with each brushing session awarded a five-star rating.

Check out video interview with one of the Kolibree team:

Turning teeth-cleaning into a Guitar Hero-style dexterity test may seem unlikely, but children love a challenge, and Kolibree will release brushing data via an API to third-party game designers, who can then create new apps for it. In the meantime, as the Independent pointed out, the Kolibree “collects sufficient data to enable you to have dental hygiene competitions with other members of your household, a possible incentive to children.” The Independent also declared it to be “perhaps the most quirky of all the intelligent household devices on show” at CES.

Kolibree’s Amy Forrester summed up the brush’s more prosaic merits when she described it as “like having a dentist inside your phone”. The popular press agreed, and CNN revealed how the Kolibree toothbrush “was invented by Thomas Serval, a French engineer and a leader in that country’s tech industry. He was inspired to design it after suspecting that his children were lying to him about whether they had brushed their teeth.” Mashable predicted the Kolibree “will be invaluable for improving your overall dental health”, adding “You’ll have no excuse [not to] be gingivitis free at your next dentist appointment.”

Wired described the Kolibree as “an interesting concept”, although it pointed out that “companies such as Oral B have been developing electric brushes that connect to dedicated monitoring devices for a few years.” They acknowledged that the brush taps into a burgeoning trend for real-time health updates: “By using a strong visual app, this is an implementation of the idea that could well gel with health-conscious users, particularly those now familiar with devices like the Nike Fuelband or Fitbit for exercise tracking.”

Further information about the Kolibree is due to be revealed in the next few months, with a Kickstarter funding announcement expected soon. The price is going to be in the region of £60. On sale later this year.

iGrill2: the Bluetooth ‘smart meat thermometer’


CES is upon us and device manufacturers are falling over themselves, eager to present the latest greatest in tech. But whilst we like to look at larger and larger television screens and faster computers, we really get excited when companies jam electronics in places no one had thought to put them before. Last year on of our favourite finds was the HAPIfork and this year we’re already excited by the prospect of precision grilling with the iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer and iLP Bluetooth Smart Liquid Propane Monitor.

If you caught our Top 5 BBQ gadgets article you’ll know we love a high-tech cook out (especially if you have a Grillbot to do all the cleaning at the end). The iGrill 2 is a new and improved product – at the forefront of connected grilling.

With a new design is so rugged it practically has stubble, the iGrill2 hooks up via Smart Bluetooth to the iDevices Connected App and allows you to monitor the temperature of your food from up to 150 feet away. Powered by just 2 AA batteries you can get up to 150 hours of battery life as well so that’s probably a key metric over at iDevices. You can track the temperature of up to four different probes at the same time so if you’re cooking up cornucopia of carcasses you can easily keep track of everything. The magnetic backing allows for easy mounting on your grill with an optional magnetic disc if you went the non-ferrous route on your outdoor cooking options.

Here’s a quick video of the new iGrill, by Mike Flaminio

Furthermore, if like Hank from King of the Hill you cook with “propane and propane accessories”, the iLP should ensure you never get caught short at the grill. Deploying ultra-sonic sensors, which is only one step down from laser beams in futuristic sounding technology, the iLP monitors the level of propane left in your tank and the app will let you know the nearest place to get a refill – hopefully Strickland Propane.

Currently the iDevices app is our for iOS but an Android app should be on its way by the time BBQ weather hits us.

Priced at $99.99, the iGrill2 will be available through iDevices. iLP pricing is currently a closely guarded secret, to be made know some time in later this year.

Name that BluTune: Roberts launch Bluetooth radio range


Hundreds of stations and not a thing worth listening to: Even the shift from FM to DAB couldn’t help us avoid the nasal, cheesy, over-enthusiastic, often-egotistical tones of presenters playing the same 10 soulless songs every hour.

Sound familiar? Well let’s say goodbye to the fake cheery chat and start taking over the airwaves ourselves!

Don’t worry, Latest Gadgets isn’t suggesting you climb up a high-rise tower block with a ropey aerial and set up a pirate channel. Oh no, we’ve got something much safer and more convenient than that. Besides, we haven’t got a decent collection of jungle records and we’re scared of heights.

Roberts are joining the likes of Sony, Sandstorm and Samsung with BluTune, a range of cool-looking Bluetooth enabled radio devices. No high-rise towers, no law-breaking, no fuss – as long as the radio is within a 10metre range of your laptop, or smart device you can be the DJ and play whatever you like, whenever you like completely wirelessly.

Complete with full FM/DAB/DAB+ functionality, all you need to do is activate the Bluetooth mode, it will recognise your player and will stream the music seamlessly. And in good quality, too.

Other functions in the range include a USB port for smart device charging, auxiliary input for iPod or MP3 playback, station pre-sets, two alarm settings, FM RDS display, mains AC adapter and a headphone socket (in case your family consider your selections to be worse than the professionals!)

Price-wise the range goes from £80 to £199.99, let’s take a quick look at each one:


Blutune 40: The entry-level, baby model, it’s compact, it’s bijou, it offers all of the functions listed above and it’ll look nice on any work surface or bedside table.


Blutune 50: The slightly cooler bigger brother of the Blutune 40. Why is it cooler? Because it has a 2.1 speaker system so it sounds better, that’s why.  This one will cost you £99.


Revival Blutune: In-keeping with the ‘family’ metaphor, the Revival is the stylish yummy mummy of the Blutune clan. She might not sport the 2.1 speaker system but her retro 1950s finish, 120 hours of battery life, classic rotary tuning controls and larger LCD display more than make up for it. Complete with a carry handle, you can pick her up for £199.99.


Blutune: The daddy, if you will. There’s no retro styling here. Just a timeless beatbox boasting the range’s largest 2.1 speaker system, it offers all of functions we’ve already listed plus a whole load more volume. And a remote control. In case it’s too loud you can’t actually get close enough to switch it off manually. Like the Revival, this flagship model will cost £199.99.

Top 5 Tech Kickstarters


Kickstarter is making dreams come to life through the power of crowd funding. One of the hottest categories on the site is Technology. Professional and amateur inventors alike are trying their hand at making our lives better, easier or just plain fun. Here are the top five Technology Kickstarters you can contribute to. Don’t delay, though, once funding closes you’ll miss out on perks.

LibraryBox 2.0

This little device offers users a way to share files anonymously in any location, even those areas that do not have reliable internet service. Libraries, teachers and museum around the world use LibraryBox to serve files to wifi-enabled devices. When the next fundraising goal is reached, they’ll enable the ability to transfer files to the LibraryBox via FTP rather than requiring connection via USB.

SunStash Portable Solar Power Charger for Gadgets & Laptops

Want to be able to charge your laptop, smartphone or tablet anywhere, even when you don’t have electricity? This device can store a significant amount of energy that you can use to power your mobile devices. Their customized case properly aims the solar panel regardless of the time of day, giving it 50 percent or more charging efficiency than a panel with no case. It’s portable and powerful.


If you’re one of the lucky few that have Google Glass, this is a must-have accessory. It is a lens cover for the Google Glass to protect the lens and to let the people around you know that you’re not taking pictures or recording them. Because privacy is one of the primary concerns regarding Google Glass, GlassKaps come in a variety of bold colours in order to be highly visible to those around you.


If you’re like most tech geeks, you have multiple devices but can only connect to one of them via Bluetooth at a time. Until now. Jambadoo allows you and two friends to connect to the same Bluetooth receiver to play music from all three devices. No need to pause any of them; as soon as one hits play, the others pause.


If you’re familiar with CNC technology, you’ll know that it involves computers sending designs to machines to be cut into various materials. Handibot works similar to that, except instead of a computer, you use apps on your smart phone, and instead of massive pieces of equipment, you use power tools. They cut into aluminium, wood, plastics and other materials with greater position than cutting by hand.