‘Blag’ a great photograph with Sony’s new Bloggie range

Despite the fact many of us regard ourselves as secret ‘David Baileys’, the growing popularity of wonderfully simple yet highly effective pocket cameras, is evidence that for the less talented of photographer a camera that is easy to function yet shoots in high quality is paramount. It is within these dominions where Sony’s three new Bloggie cameras excel, being ‘wonderfully simple’ to shoot and share.


The new Bloggie, Bloggie Duo and Bloggie 3D models (MHS-FS1, MHS-FS2 and MHS-FS3), boast an abundance of features without including the ‘functioning complexities’ many feature-packed gadgets suffer from. Producing grainy pictures, particularly in poor light conditions, have long been a bane of a photographer’s – amateur and professional – work. By incorporating a sensitive “Exmor” CMOS sensor, Sony’s new Bloggies will achieve photographs crisp in detail, even in the most challenging of lighting conditions.

Being unable to record videos and capture a ‘classic’ still shot, is another pervasive annoyance of modern-day cameras, excluding, that is, the three new Bloggies, which, by featuring Dual Record, enable video shooting and photo capturing run simultaneously.

Auto Focus is an ‘of the essence’ feature of modern cameras, enabling even the most clueless of photographer to get it half right. Naturally Sony’s Bloggie HD range includes the auto focus capabilities of more conventional cameras. But where the Bloggies put the ‘conventionals’ in the shade, is that they also feature an Auto Macro, enabling hesitant photographers to focus sharply on objects as close as four inches away and create a corker of a shot.

Other prominent features include freestyle shooting and playback to automatically adjust GUI for both horizontal and vertical shooting and viewing, and a “Share it Later” function, to tag the photographs and video clips you want to upload and post the next time you are online.

But Sony’s ‘wonderfully simple’ new range of cameras most remarkable characteristic lies within the Bloggie 3D, the ‘world’s first’ 3D camera. Sony has never been shy of ‘raising the roof’ on technology, and with the Bloggie 3D (MHS-FS3), the company is certainly ‘paving the way’ in 3D entertainment. This highly innovative camera comprises of two image sensors, two lenses, stereo microphone and built-in LED light to capture astonishingly stunning 2D and 3D images and videos.

In conclusion, these stylish, simple and fun HD cameras provide intuitive, high resolution and high quality photography, seamless integration with social media, straightforward web sharing capabilities and are exceedingly effortless to work.
Excited? Well you’ll have to wait a short while, as the MHS-FS1 and MHS-FS2, both with 4GB of internal memory, will be available from March 2011 and the MHS-FS3, with 8GB of internal memory, will be available from April 2011.

Sony announce PM5, PM5K and CM5 Bloggies

We all know that the new blogging is now vlogging and for those of you that perhaps are out of the ‘vlogosphere’, the process involves blogging your life via the means of video. Keeping up with the action, Sony has launched three new high definition pocket camcorders, each one aptly named the Sony Bloggie.

Colourful and lightweight, the new Bloggie models are fun and simple to use. At the switch of one button you can shoot crisp, clear 5 megapixel still photos, whilst the switch of another will allow you to capture your special and spontaneous moments in clear Full HD MP4 video. The PM5, PM5K and CM5 Bloggies can record both super-smooth 1280×720/60p video and high resolution Full HD 1920×1080/30p clips. SteadyShot image stabilisation also eliminates the annoying camera shake when you’re shooting whist on the move, and Face Detection fine tuning allows for clear and precise images.

Perhaps a competitor for the Flip Video camcorder, the new Bloggie is predicted to be the camera of choice on which to record your next potential YouTube phenomenon and is designed to be taken out and about with minimal effort so you can record all those day to day moments on a quick, easy and high quality recording device.

For more creative filming, the PM5 and PM5K also feature a rotating lens that swivels 270 degrees which allows you to film from any angle – the bright, high resolution 6.0cm LCD screen also shows camera settings in the bottom half of the display while you’re shooting. The PM5K even includes a special 360 Video lens adaptor that lets you experience incredible panoramic videos – something that really places this gadget a step beyond the Flip.

The Sony Bloggie also features an in-built USB adapter to connect directly to a PC or Mac and is available in a choice of four vibrant colours.

The embedded PMB Portable software launches automatically when the Bloggie is connected to your PC or Mac, allowing you view, select and upload clips to video or social network sites including YouTube and Twitter. The added advantage is that you don’t need to install any editing or file transfer software on the computer, making bloggie ideal for use on-the-go. The camera’s battery is also automatically charged while it’s connected to your computer via USB.

Fun, simple to use and minimal uploading effort! The Bloggie definitely sounds like another winning product by Sony!

The Sony Bloggie pocket camcorders are available from February from Sony and prices range from – £169.99 – £209.98.