simplehuman sensor bins and sensor pumps

We were invited to the Good Housekeeping Institute to play with some of simplehuman’s latest innovations and to develop a serious inferiority complex over the state of our kitchens.

simplehuman first caught my eye a few years back with their sensor bins. I’d be hard pushed to call a bin beautiful but there is a real elegance to the fingerprint-proof design of the sensor bin and it’s an incredibly stylish way to spend £275. Unfortunately it’s also a £275 bin which, on my humble salary is like throwing money away (you see what I did there. I should be paid more).


Fortunately simplehuman have released a sensor bin for the people – or at least people with £100, which is a lot more in-line with other bins in the elegant mid-range category (yes there is such a thing).

simplehuman bins use touch-free multi-sense technology. It’s pretty clever stuff and it’s designed not to pop up unless you really want it to. I tried sneaking up on it or walking casually past the bin and at no point did it react to my presence unless specifically called up. The magic powering this lid is found in an easy-to-access compartment round the back which houses 6 alkaline C batteries (the sort you’d see in a heavy duty torch), which they assure me have been optimised to last a year.

The innovation doesn’t stop with the attention grabbing sensor. There’s also a pretty clever integrated trim ring to hold everything in place, a clutch system to prevent motor jams should you tamper with the lid and fingerprint-proof stainless steel finish.


simplehuman have also worked their sensor technology into a range of sensor pumps. I saw some brushed nickel sensor pumps, some compact sensor pumps and a colourful children’s range – all carefully designed with clever valves to avoid messy drips or clogs. There is a smart looking brushed nickel sensor pump which retails for £39.99 and a more affordable compact sensor pump for just £29.99 both available from [] (