Bang & Olufsen BeoVision: 46 inches of style and substance

Hot on the heels of Bang & Olufsen’s 40-inch BeoVision television comes a new, larger version. This one is a 46-inch model that will be available from April. The BeoVision 10-46 is essentially the same as its little brother but with a viewing area that is 32 per cent larger.

These extra inches may appeal to all those who believe bigger is better. However, if there is someone else in the house who needs convincing over the need for such a sizeable piece, there have been a few changes in style that are worth highlighting.


First of all, the rear cover is now white, instead of black. This works with the aluminium frame to help lighten the look of the TV and will appeal to those who don’t just want a large, black hole gracing the corner of the living room.

The other new feature is the fabric grille that covers the speaker at the front. You can pick from a choice of six colours – black, blue, dark grey, silver, orange or white – so you can choose one to blend or contrast with your living room. As the grille is attached by magnets, it is easy to change around if you fancy a new look, or decide that orange is too distracting or black is just so last year.

If blending with your home décor is of limited interest, don’t worry, the techy side of things is all in place. The BeoVision 10-46 is HD-ready and has an LCD panel with edge-type LED technology and a 200 Hz refresh rate to help keep the image smooth and stable. There’s also integrated surround sound and DVB-HD module, plus the facilities to add up to five extra speakers and several set-top boxes.

Of course, B&O are not known for being a budget brand, so – although we don’t know a price just yet – it seems safe to assume that the BeoVision 10-46 may remain a dream for most of us. However if you win the lottery and decide to go for it, this could be a screen that appeals to both the masculine and feminine sides of your brain.