Pioneer’s Blu-Ray 3D Players have universal appeal

Hot on the heels of Pioneer’s four new Blu Ray home theatre systems comes a brace of blu ray disc players that completes a powerful new line-up for the autumn.


The BDP- 440 and BDP- LX55 Blu Ray players combine 3D playback at a 1080p full cinema-like 24 frames per second (fps)with some outstanding hi def audio courtesy of HDMI uncompressed multi-channel linear pulse code modulation. In other words you get some truly hard core sonic sounds from DVD audio that could potentially handle your home music output just as well as a dedicated hifi system.

Their local network and internet connectivity adds another dimension to the possibilities through a smart phone app that will let you communicate with the players through your iPad  iPhone, iPod and Android devices turning them into remote controllers. Now that is pretty cool.

Of the two players, the LX55 is the higher end audio edition with gold plated HDMI terminals, a 32 bit / 192 kHz digital to analogue audio converter, acoustic capacitors and an anti vibration construction design.

Both models showcase image versatility with compatibility for MKV, DivX Plus HD, WMV, WMA and MP3 playback, plus a JPEG viewer for photo slideshows. They are to all intents and purposes intended to be a ‘universal’ solution for home digital.

As Philippe Coppens, Technology and Product Information Manager at Pioneer Europe comments: “The fact that Pioneer again has so-called “universal” disc playback capability – supporting both Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio – will surely be appreciated by many audiophiles who invested in these high-resolution formats in the past and today.”

The BDP-440 retails at £249.99 and the BDP-LX55  £349.95 available from November.