backSTAGE iPad Headrest Mount

With the summer holidays just round the corner, families everywhere are getting excited about their summer vacation. Although if your well-deserved break involves travelling with the kids in tow for a unnerving duration, you may want to kit out the journey with some kind of entertainment. iPads are a popular choice of ‘kid mollifier’ when travelling, although if your brood comprises of more than one, preventing the inevitable ‘I can’t see the screen’ scenario from occurring is an underlying parental worry. This is where the backSTAGE iPad headrest mount may step in.


A Velcro attachment allows users to install and remove the case with ease while the wide adjustable strap on the back winds around the headrest holding the backSTAGE firmly in position. Being nice and secure behind the seat of a car, fights over ‘who’s holding the iPad’ are immediately eradicated, allowing the backseat passengers be entertained for hours, leaving the adults in peace to get on with the driving.

Created by Scosche Industries, award-winning innovator of consumer technology, the backSTAGE is made from a netted PVC material, meaning it provides solid protection to the iPad and could be used as a standard iPad case. A neat mesh pocket is integrated on the front of the backSTAGE headset, great for holding any iPad-related accessories such as charging cables and earphones, whilst a cut-out at the front of the case means that users can easily scroll and swipe through the material on their iPad.

Whilst the backSTAGE headrest mount may not be the most innovative and technologically sophisticated of products featured on Latest Gadgets, for a modest £29.99, it’s got to be worth it just to keep the kids quiet, and it has got a pretty cool name.