CES 2015 Video: Slow Control’s Baby Glgl, the ‘smart’ baby milk bottle

CES 2015 has shown us a number of useful gadgets for parents of young families, such as the mamaRoo. The Baby Glgl from the team behind the ‘Smart Fork’ – Slow Control – is a ‘smart’ baby milk bottle, which comes coupled with an app. The bottle allows parents to combat issues that children can receive from baby bottles such as excess air consumption and colic. It does this by providing feedback on a number of things such as whether you’re holding the bottle at the right angle and how much the child has drunk. This could provide peace of mind and improved control for parents and carers of children. Watch the video above to see a demonstration of how the bottle works.

The Baby Glgl is to be released in 2015. For more information and to sign up for email updates on the product, visit Slow Control.

Top Gadgets for Will & Kate’s Baby George

After nine months of anticipation and guesswork, he’s finally arrived – a beautiful bouncing baby boy. An amount of attention towards the tiny newborn, whom will one day inherent the British throne, is expected. Wall-to-wall coverage, people camping outside the hospital in anticipation to get a ‘glimpse’ and global hysteria is however a tad over the top. Nonetheless, pondering about all the luxury presents, clothes and toys this privileged baby will be showered with is mildly entertaining, including what baby gadgets his parents and nannies will have at their disposal during these first few months.

Take a look at the top five gadgets for baby George Alexander Louis:

Ultimate Baby Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart


Babies and cold baby wipes aren’t always a good idea, particularly with boys who have a tendency to greet a cold wipe with an abrupt stream of wee.

Being first time parents, Kate and Wills probably won’t be aware of baby boys’ aversion to cold wipes, although they may have been told. The Ultimate Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart is likely to prove an invaluable gadget for Baby George. Not only will this nifty device warm the wipes but it will keep them moist and fresh – perfect for a little Prince.

Smart Baby Monitor by Withings


Amidst their tiredness, elation and infatuation with their bundle of joy, most new parents endure some kind of almost paranoid desire to monitor their baby’s every move. With its night vision technology, a high-resolution camera, video and microphone and high-tech noise, motion, temperature and humidity tracker, the Smart Baby Monitor should suffice as being fit to supervise the tiny Prince.

Lullabies can even be played alongside a multi-coloured night light. Not to mention featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet cable connection. Quite a baby monitor for a refreshingly modest £217 (approx.).

Go Self-Warming Baby Bottle by iiamo


Long gone are the days when parents had to arduously wait for milk to warm in a pan of boiling water. 21st century parents have access to instant milk warmers and none are as high-tech as the Self-Warming Baby Bottle by iiamo.

This funky looking baby bottle can warm six ounces of milk to the recommended temperature in about four minutes. Without any need for electricity, cords or water, the iiamo Go is perfect for outdoor events and being the Royal family, there’s bound to be a few of them.

Despite being fit for a prince this useful baby gadget has a commoner price tag of just £22.

Remote Fever Monitor by Bebe Sounds


Disturbing your baby when he or she is sick to take their temperature is an anguish no parent wants to have to tolerate. This is when Bebe Sounds Remote Fever Monitor could prove priceless. Simply clip the monitor onto baby’s nappy or baby gro and the thermometer will beep if the temperature reads too high.

Smart Kids Scales by Withings


Bundling Baby George into a pram and pushing him to the hospital with paps jumping out from every bush won’t be on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s agenda. Instead of making frequent visits to the hospital to get baby weighed, Kate and Wills could do it from the safety of the palace with the Smart Kid Scale.

This state-of-the-art scale uploads the readings through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It takes accurate readings and will even ignore non-baby weight such as blankets and nappies.

For £145.95 the Smart Kid Scale is definitely a smarter way to weigh your baby, particularly if avoiding the paparazzi is an issue.

The best gadgets and apps to lull a baby to sleep

If you have a baby that sleeps well you are in the lucky minority. But for the unlucky majority, a baby’s frequent waking leads to sleep serious depravation and leaves parents feeling utterly knackered. Today’s technology and gadgets have a gift of acting as a miraculous Godsend rather than just a mere gadget. If you are at the end of your tether then glance through the following ‘baby soothing’ gadgets and apps, and you may, just may, get that well deserved and ‘well’ overdue decent night’s sleep.


White Noise App

Download the White Noise app to your iPhone and the ambient sounds of the environment, including crickets, the ocean, wind and rainfall will help glide your baby to sleep. The 40 ambient sounds are accompanied with beautiful and relaxing images. The most popular noise to help babies sleep is the heartbeat, resonant of the warmth and security of the womb.

To start reaping the benefits of the White Noise app visit:


MamaRoo rocking chair

Unlike gadgets and technology, babies cannot be controlled with settings and switches. Although the MamaRoo bouncing chair offers several programmed rocking patterns that emulates the rhythm of parents’ rocking, and in this sense can technologically ‘control’ a baby’s needs to be rocked. Manufactured by 4Moms, this device has been described as being the “most advanced bouncing chair.” As well as playing soothing sounds, the MamRoo doubles as a dock for your digital music player – even technology for babies is catching on to the pressure to being multi-faceted, multi-media devices.

The Voice Activated Crib Light with Womb Sounds

Doing just what its name suggests this approximately £10 gadget lights up and plays soothing sounds when your baby wakes up and cries – Simple yet effective.

Baby Sleep All Night app

This one might be slightly harsh, as the Baby Sleep All Night app actually guides you to gently teach your baby how to sleep through the night.

Download this reminder that you are a parent and not a pacifier at:


Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

New parents, whilst ecstatic and jubilant, can be rather paranoid when their baby is left alone in its cot. Consequently it is not only a baby cries that prevent new parents from a decent night’s sleep, but also a touch of paranoia and constant ‘just checking’ trips into the nursery. This is where the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor steps in. As well as transmitting your babies every whimper, it has a sensor pad, which when placed under the mattress, alerts parents when the baby has not moved for 20 seconds. While you may be thinking this would turn your paranoia into sheer obsessive terror, the machine is sensitive enough to detect breathing – leaving you safe with the knowledge your baby is still breathing.

Health gadgets and apps roundup

How am I feeling? Just ask my phone!

More than three million doctors have downloaded an iPhone app that was developed as nothing more than a toy. The iStethoscope allows iPhone users to hold their smartphone against their chest, so that the inbuilt microphone can record their heartbeat. By shaking the device, the user will then see a phonocardiograph display and spectrogram, which can be emailed to a specialist. The app is free to download and has been developed by Dr Peter Bentley at University College London. Find out more at www.peterjbentley.com


Another gadget aimed at helping doctors to monitor patients’ vital signs is the HealthPals wearable health monitoring system from German Designer Olga Epikhina. Still at the concept stage, each piece would attach to the wrist, finger, chest and head, harvesting body warmth and vibrations to charge the equipment. Data would then be gathered via an ECG sensor and sent via the patient’s Smartphone or PC via Bluetooth to a medical server via Wi-Fi to be analysed by doctors. It is designed to be used for patients with chronic conditions or for post-operative patients. Read more about it here.

Another gadget in the pipeline has been developed by Cambridge Consultants in conjunction with XenBio Fluidics, from California. CliniHub is a handheld device that has something of the Star Trek about it. It is capable of detecting three killer diseases; breast cancer, MRSA and another that has not yet been revealed, although its developers hope it will eventually be able to be used in the diagnosis of up to 20 conditions. A number of ports on the CliniHub can analyse a patient’s blood, urine or saliva sample to indicate the presence of disease. The device is expected to cost less than $100, and a version for home use (probably to determine between viral and bacterial sore throats) is also in the pipeline.
Read more here.

Back to the present…  What price would you put on saving a life? Would you be willing to splash out just 99c to find out how to perform CPR? Yes? Then the CPR Video Instruction is waiting for you here.

Another app with the potential to save a life is one just launched by the Meningitis Trust. We are just heading into the peak season for this potentially deadly virus as autumn and winter approach, so it is vital that you know how to spot the signs early. This is one app no parent should be without, although it’s not only children who contract meningitis, so it’s useful information for us all.

The free iPhone app is a world first and has been developed from the Trust’s credit-card sized information cards that have already been proved to save lives. For more go to the website.

How’s your hearing? If you’re worried that you can’t always hear conversations or concerned that your hearing is not what it used to be, the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) has come up with a nifty iPhone app that will test it for you. The new version of RNID’s popular Hearing Check has seen more than half a million people check their hearing so far. The Hearing Check app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch allows users to check their hearing at the touch of a button for free by measuring the user’s ability to hear someone speaking when there is background noise, similar to being in a crowded room. There is also confidential advice available is your hearing proves to be below par.

The app is available from iTunes here
and in the app store on iPhone. It is also available on Facebook and online or by calling 0844 800 3838.

Finally, health and fitness go hand in hand, so if your bikini body never materialised this summer, don’t worry, you’ve a whole year to get in shape for next summer’s holiday.

Gym specialists Power Plate have released a new Pro6 Power Plate machine. If you’ve never encountered one before, this is how it works. It consists of two high strength Vectran cables, which transfer up to 80% of vibrations at high-speed frequency rates directly to the muscles of the arms, back, core and shoulders.

Formula 1 enthusiasts can even enjoy accelerated results with their own limited edition pro6 machine, finished in the blue and white livery of the AT&T Williams racing team.

Hmm, a workout that doesn’t involve running or pedalling? There must a catch? Well, only if you haven’t got a bottomless wallet – The Pro Plate6 comes in at a whopping £9,395 and, unsurprisingly, is available at Harrods. Maybe you can persuade your gym to invest in one.

NuVo Ritmo: MP3-powered prenatal sound system

iPods, Zens and mobile MP3 players have become common household items over the last few years. Now, technology has taken the portable music experience a step further. Shunning the usual target markets, American audio company NuVo have released a new MP3 system for unborn babies. The Ritmo Advanced Sound System allows the fetus to listen in on their mothers’ MP3 tracks, providing a unique bonding experience for mother and child. Whether you want to introduce your child to Mozart or get that High School Musical phase out of the way as quickly as possible, the player provides a safe way for parents and babies to interact.

Development studies have proven that reactive listening starts at 17 weeks gestation. The manufacturers claim the system could be highly beneficial for the fetus in the development stage, as scientific research has shown that exposure to music can have many positive benefits on unborn children.

While some parents might be worried about the potential health risks of exposing their baby to sound at such a young age, NuVo have designed the system with safety in mind. While the mother can adjust the volume of her music, the device continuously adjusts the baby’s music to ensure it stays at an optimal level.

Check out this demo video:

Although some parents might want to start introducing their offspring to their favourite tunes, you don’t have to stop with chart classics. The Ritmo Advanced Sound System also allows you to play your own recordings. Babies remember sounds they hear in-utero and respond favourably to them after birth so the player allows parents to familiarise the child with their voices and common household sounds before they are even born.

The device fits around the mother’s stomach using an elasticised band. It contains two speakers so  the baby can hear the music wherever it is positioned in the womb. Soft, flexible fabric has been used for comfort and it can be adjusted as the mother grows. The system is also hands-free, so can be worn while doing a number of activities. Available for $129.99 (approximately £87), the Ritmo Advanced Sound System can be ordered from the NuVo group website: http://www.nuvo-group.com/product.php?id=1

Yoomi self-warming baby feeding bottle

It’s 4.30am and you’ve been woken for the fourth time tonight. You can’t remember the last time you slept for a full eight hours and at this exact point in time you’d consider selling your first born in exchange for a decent night’s kip.

The result of all your sleep deprivation has turned your brain to mush, and even the simplest tasks feel more akin to trying to fix the Large Hadron Collider. Simple, but essential tasks, like getting your baby its milk.

Step in parents Jim and Farah Shaikh, inventors of the Yoomi Baby Bottle. They have created a bottle that heats baby formula or breast milk in just 60 seconds to 32-34 degrees centigrade; the ideal temperature for baby milk. All you need to do is prepare the formula a maximum of four hours prior to use, store it in the Yoomi bottle in the fridge, then push a button on the Yoomi bottle to re-heat  it. That makes it to date the quickest and easiest way to deliver pre-heated milk to your bundle of joy. Cue a host of industry awards and the eternal gratefulness of millions of parents worldwide.

The Yoomi Baby Bottle works in a similar way to gel hand-warmers. The orange button triggers a non-chemical solution to turn from liquid to solid, giving off heat. After 30 seconds the button turns blue. You then put the cap on and turn the bottle upside down for a further 30 seconds. That’s it. The cold milk flows through heated channels to get it to the ideal temperature. It can be recharged up to 100 times.

The bottle disassembles into about five parts which can be easily washed and sterilised using conventional methods.  Recharging it is as straightforward as using it. The easiest way is to put the warmer in a pan of boiling water for 25 minutes. Alternatively, a steam steriliser also does the job, but it requires four times more water than a normal sterilisation cycle. You have to leave it to cool for at least 75 minutes after recharging.

The compact size makes it also ideal for travelling or bringing to cafes and restaurants – so there’s no longer any need to emotionally blackmail a grumpy waiter to get you hot water to warm your bottle. The only question this leaves is why wasn’t it invented sooner!