ARVA Axis Avalanche Beacon preview


Snow safety specialist Arva has just launched its latest avalanche transceiver in time for the new ski season. Ski enthusiasts will be interested in the AXIS, which Arva says is the most advanced avalanche transceiver on the market – and could be a life-saver for anyone who goes off piste. Experienced skiers will know that safety equipment is key when going off piste, and that’s where the Axis comes in. It enables you to quickly find others buried in an avalanche. The Axis has both digital and analog search modes and is capable of detecting multiple victims within a 50m search area.

Unique to the Axis, says Arva, is its standby function, which enables the device to remain in standby mode while you search, in case there is another avalanche.

Check it out on this video:

If the worst happened and you were using a shovel and probe to communicate with other rescuers, leaving the Axis in emission mode could disturb the search process, while switching to search mode could prove noisy. And you would not want to turn off the Axis in case there was another avalanche. The solution is the standby function – if it detects no movement after four minutes, it automatically changes to emission mode.

The Axis is powered by 4 alkaline AAA batteries, weighs 260g and has three antennas. It offers a primary and secondary search function, has a U-turn alarm and allows you to mark or unmark a found victim.

The cost? £275.

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