Smart locks – threatening keys into extinction?


It’s true, keys are so last year. ITProPortal says it and so do we. The savvy way to lock your home and remain secure is with a smart lock. With a couple of taps on your smartphone or the click of a fob you can enter your home without they worry of losing your keys. This sophisticated locking device caused quite a stir at this year’s CES in the form of the Goji Smart Lock.

In fact CNET couldn’t wait until January to unpick the Goji Smart Lock and wrote a review about it in October last year. Referring to the lock as “a bit of a hybrid”, CNET seemed fairly impressed by a lock which enables you to see someone knocking at your door on your smartphone via a built-in camera, proximity sensor and a digital key fob. You can even send someone a digital key that works via the app but only at certain dates and times. This means you can program someone to gain access into your home on a certain date and time – Clever stuff that’s for sure.

But apart from the Goji Smart Locks what other super-intelligent locks are there available, which are threatening keys into extinction?

Kwikset Kevo


Engadget gave the Kwikset Kevo a not brilliant score of 77 on the ‘Engadget Global Score’. To look at, “the Kwikset Kevo doesn’t look much different to a normal deadbolt,” writes Engagdet. Although don’t be fooled as when you touch this device, the lock will light up and give you visual feedback as to whether the door has been unlocked or not.

Mashable seems a tad more enthusiastic about the Kwikset Kevo referring to the device as an “exciting look at the latest in smartphone-powered home security devices.” Similar to the Goji Smart Lock you can lock and unlock the Kwikset Kevo by a couple of taps on your smartphone. Also similar to the Goji you can send someone ‘eKeys’ via the Kevo to whomever you want to give access into your home.



The Lockitron is another smart lock that has enjoyed a fair bit of attention in the tech press in recent months. Gizmodo was quick to give these 21st century keys a run for their money and paid a fair slice of the attention to Lockitron. Compared to Kevo, writes Gizmodo, “Lockitron connects to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Connecting to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with Lockitron you can remotely lock and unlock your door over Wi-Fi or send a notification when the knock sensor has been triggered. “That extra layer of connectivity” writes Gizmodo, “comes with a smidge of added security.”

August Smart Lock


Engadget certainly seems impressed by the era of smart locks we’re moving into, so much so that they wrote a feature in October 2013 about how purchasing of the August Smart Lock would be delayed until the first quarter of 2014. In an earlier feature about the August, Engadget referred to as the “beautiful, Yves Behar-designed $199 smart lock” as having standard features as similar smart lock systems. Being able to lock and unlock your door with your phone, is the stand-out feature that runs through all of the smart locks. Similar to the others, the August Smart Lock enables you to grant access to other remotely, using “relatively fine-grained controls.”

We have to admit, these rapidly gaining prominence security devices would come in super handy on those occasions when you need to be in two places at once – to let the dog walker in for example, or to give the electrician access to your house when you’re at work.