Pioneer AppRadio’s new apps: Now there’s no excuse to run out of petrol!

Customising gadgets based on users’ preferences and habits really does seem to be the technological stonker finale of 2011. Pioneer’s innovative AppRadio was the first car stereo to develop a driver’s smartphone experience by bringing apps compatible to the iPhone 4/4S to their dashboard, a strength that led to the AppRadio being awarded a ‘European Imaging and Sound Association (EIMSA) award. Intent on upgraded its award-winning device, Pioneer has unveiled a collection of new recommended apps to work alongside the AppRadio in-car head unit.


StreamS HiFi Radio

Download the StreamS HiFi Radio app and you will have access to Internet radio in the car. High quality digital audio is guaranteed with this app and, in using pioneering buffer controls, a strong quality signal will be maintained even in areas where signal strength is not always consistent. Favourite internet radio stations can also be selected and stored via the user-preference dedicated AppRadio interface.

Dash Command

Sounds exciting! The Dash Command app enables users to see all key performance specifications in real time. The live data that is displayed on the screen of the AppRadio head-unit includes fuel consumption, fuel level, engine speed, engine temperature, diagnostics, braking and acceleration, all the things that are displayed on a dash board anyway only a lot more accurately, meaning you’ll never have to guess how much fuel’s left in the tank and be on tenterhooks to whether you’ll make it home or not! Although be warned, this app does require the use of an optical cable that is sold separately.


Again based on personal tastes, the AUPEO! App enables drivers to customise their music playlists constructed on personal preferences. Based on a list of attributes, such as favourite artists, favourite genre of music, and AUPEO! will provide you with a playlist centred around such preferences.

Pioneer’s Appradio makes your dash even more dashing.

It was inevitable. It had to come eventually and now it has. In car audio has officially gone mobile. Pioneer, never one to shirk its responsibilities, has been the first out of the blocks to fully integrate a smart phone into an in car audio system.


The Appradio is a WVGA 6.1” touch screen radio that fits flush into your car’s dashboard to provide all your in car entertainment as usual. The fun part is it more or less mimics your iphone 4 screen display and control system, letting you operate the capacitive screen as you would your own iphone 4. So, simply launching the Appradio app from your iphone, will let you call all your usual mobile features like iPod operation with all the music info, AM/FM radio, and Bluetooth hands-free talking and phonebook transfer directly from your dashboard.

The standard Google maps GPS navigation app is available which saves you shelling out for a sat nav device particularly when you discover there is an external GPS receiver bundled with the Appradio to make the iphone navigation system more responsive and you can use the Appradio 800X480 display to watch video, look at photos and surf the net. In case your now thinking you can catch up with all your You Tube videos whilst you’re on the road, forget it, you can only watch video once your car has stopped moving!
There’s also a rear camera connector available to provide you with a rear view for parking and a steering wheel remote adapter too.

Currently, there are only four third party apps that are supported through the AppRadio due to the limitations of the iOS; Pandora Internet Radio, Rdio, MotionX GPS Drive navigation, and Inrix Traffic but the potential is there for developers to utilise this ingenious platform.

The AppRadio is due to launch this autumn and will retail at around £300.