Amplicomms TCL210 travel clock: Shake yourself awake

If you need to be shaken awake, here’s an alarm clock that can do it for you. The amplicomms TCL210 Travel Clock has been designed to make the earth move for anyone who is suffering from jet lag, having to wake up at some god-awful time to catch a flight, or indeed for people who are hard of hearing or deaf.


The clock has been cleverly designed with a pillow clip, so that you can pop it under your pillow or attach it to a bedside table, and be shaken awake thanks to a powerful vibrate setting. A bright light switches on when the alarm goes off, so you can easily see the time, and the display features a large font so that it’s easy to read when you’re a bit bleary-eyed.

It’s also been designed to be useful if you’re camping, or perhaps in an unfamiliar hotel room – if you can’t find the light switch (or there isn’t one) then the torchlight can be turned on at the touch of a button.

The clock is made for travelling; it’s lightweight at 140g and portable, and the makers claim that three AA batteries should last up to 10 months – more than enough to get you through a few trips away or even an extended travelling trip.

There are three settings for the alarm volume – depending on how hard you are to wake up, and where you are – you don’t want to be waking up fellow slumberers in a shared backpackers hostel for instance. You can also choose whether you have an audio alarm, bright flashing light or vibrating alarm.

The clock also displays the room temperature, should that be important to you – it might be of value to parents with young babies, for instance.

There are cheaper clocks out there, but the amplicomms TCL210 is not extortionate at £32.99, and is available at