Altec Lansing inMotion Air: Music player of my streams

Altec Lansing’s inMotion Air is looking to redefine what a stereo can be – in the future consumers will no longer require a system that can play a multitude of mediums – the inMotion Air is looking to this future – a future where you just want to stream music from your many Bluetooth enabled devices including iPads, iPods, mobile phones and just about any other bluetooth device with music on it.


Not only can it stream music from devices it can stream Internet radio or other audio content from your computer using a wireless dongle.

Available in slate black or gunmetal, the inMotion Air has top-mounted controls, a soft-texture finish and built-in handle.

Its wireless adapter hooks into your computer and can transmit stereo audio up to a range of 100 metres. Which means it could be easily be used as an ideal product for anyone who wants music in the garden or a room away from your computer.

No software or driver installation is required – making setup simple and fast to pair the Air with the adaptor involves holding down the pairing button on the speaker and on the USB dongle, and when the lights alternately flash red and blue, they are paired.

The inMotion Air comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for portable use, providing up to seven hours of music. So it’s the perfect device for getting your ever-burgeoning digital music collection out into your garden or lounge – and most importantly away from those horrible PC speakers.

A notable inclusion for those you concerned about the quality degradation is Altec Lansing’s apt-X Bluetooth codec, which supposedly gets around the main bugbear with Bluetooth, the lack of quality. It creates superior sound quality, and the Bluetooth Class 1 system used cuts down on interference from wi-fi networks and cordless phones.

If you buy two units they can be linked to the same transmitter for basic multi-room playback, and the remote gives control for both iTunes and Windows Media Centre – so you don’t have keep going back the computer to change tracks.

If you’re looking for a premium speaker box that’s a step above the average run of the mill iPhone speaker and you want to be able to stream music, with possibility of multiroom support, then we see no reason why shouldn’t consider the inMotion Air – it offers functionality, quality all at a reasonable price.

It costs around £180-£200 and is available from Apple, John Lewis, Dixons and PC World stores.

Altec Lansing Octiv 202 iPod dock and Expressionist Ultra PC speakers

LatestGadgets were invited to see the best products Altec Lansing have to offer and they definitely delivered. Altec Lansing is known for their high quality audio products. They were the first to provide speakers for cinemas with ‘Voice of the Theatre’ and the first to release an iPod audio dock. So it is safe to say they know what they are talking about. Here’s the best of what they have to offer.


Altec Lansing gave us a peek at the Octiv 202 which is a dual-dock iPod speaker system, ideal for multi iPod/iPhone households. It has a 3rd USB charging port for an extra device if you need it. What differentiates from the army of iPod docks out there is the Music Mix app which comes with it. The app allows you to shuffle through all your music from both devices. An interesting feature of the app is the ability to control the percentage of music played from each device. The Alarm Rock app allows you set an alarm and will wake you up to your music and customize it with themes. The magnetic remote will never get lost as it has storage it the back where it magnetically holds on. It is made to fit a corner as it has small footprint. If you are after a space-saving dual dock, the Octiv 202 should be on your list. Available now for £79.99 from PC World and all good retailers.

Looking at Altec’s PC speakers, we liked the flagship model, Expressionist Ultra. The 2.1 speaker system comprises two 3inch midrange speakers, two 1 inch high frequency neodymium drivers and a 6.5 inch long-throw subwoofer. The system pumps out a whopping 200 watts. The subwoofer is huge so not for people short of space. A useful addition is the desktop controller which can switch the system on and off and control the volume, bass and treble. It has a headphone jack when you want to play music without having your neighbours bang down your door. The system is for gaming and music audio but can easily be connected to your TV. Available from Amazon from £220 here.

For audio on the move, Altec revealed the Muzx Ultra earphones, part of the Muzx DNA range. The earphones feature balanced armature technology giving you high definition audio. An inline remote and mic allows control of your device. The Muzx Ultra earphones are made with the SnugFit design to ensure noise isolation and comfort. A 8-piece fit kit with silicone tips come in different sizes including small, medium, large and dual-flange to ensure a good fit for you. Available from selected retailers now. Check out a more in depth review here.

Altec Lansing MUXZ range headphone review

Altec Lansing, makers of the first iPod dock and all round audio experts have dived headfirst into the world of headphones with interesting results. We had a play with their new MUXZ range.


At the low end there are 3 bargain basement £19.99 fashion earphones – the Mesh, XX and XY. The chromosome pairs, are as the name suggests, tailored to appeal to masculine or feminine users and to outrage gender theory academics. The Mesh a gender neutral bass heavy pair completes the trilogy.

The £29.99 Core has inline voice controls and the £49.99 Extras have enhanced bass and full Apple compliant inline controls.

The top of the line pair, however are the MUXZ Ultra which look … well a little bizarre. As you can see from the image above they have a chunky barrel design to them and poke out of the ears a little. The wire also pops out a little bit in an odd little loop. This isn’t just difference for difference sake, and the quirky design is supposed to alleviate cable strain – which can be fatal for some headphones. All this is of course, secondary to the sound, which is fantastic – which at £99.99 it would have to be.

The balanced armature drivers provide excellent well-defined audio – it’s not bass heavy and if anything is quite restrained on the bass front. The supplied rubber tips should fit most ear types to provide and snug fit, which is when the background noise cancellation really kicks in. My standard bass heavy test tunes sounded a little muted, but other more varied sounds fared excellently. This review is a day late as I got side-tracked listening to Bitches Brew on the Ultras then enthusiastically raving about how good it sounded to any poor soul who would listen.

There are also inline iPhone controls, which are a little on the large side, but easy to grab on to without looking when answering calls or skipping a track.

From the cheap and cheerful Meshes to the quite swanky Ultras the Altec Lansing headphone range managed to impress at a range of price points.

The Muzx Ultras price has dropped to £79.99, and the Muzx Extras to £39.99. They will be available 15th October from all the usual retailers including Apple, DSGi and Amazon.