Acer AT58 LED TV: Pininfarina and Acer combine

Okay, I have to admit that I had to go and Google Pininfarina when I first read the latest press release from Acer. If you are more au fait with Italian car designers, skip this paragraph and go straight to the next. For the rest of you, the company is a hugely influential car designer, … Continue reading Acer AT58 LED TV: Pininfarina and Acer combine

Acer C20 pico projector

The first thing you are going to notice about the C20 is that it looks cool. More like a just-released smartphone, it well and truly banishes not-so-fond memories of the grey monstrosities that used to blight your school classrooms. The link with the smartphone is definitely something that ACER seem to be trying to promote … Continue reading Acer C20 pico projector

Acer Stream – just another Android smartphone?

On August 9th Taiwan-based technology giant ACER release the Stream, their newest smartphone, and it looks set to be the firmest indication yet that they are ready to take announce themselves as genuine contenders in this ultra competitive market. The phone itself, like every other Tom, Dick and Evo, uses the Google Android system, which … Continue reading Acer Stream – just another Android smartphone?

Acer’s Liquid E gets a Ferrari paint job

It’s 60 years since Formula One first began at Silverstone, when the British Grand Prix was the first event in a seven-race season. Then, top of the game was Alfa Romeo. But now, as Lewis Hamilton tucks another win under his belt, the likes of MacLaren, Renault and of course Ferrari (which has just celebrated … Continue reading Acer’s Liquid E gets a Ferrari paint job

Acer’s HD revolution

Acer launched its summer computer range in Cannes, the home of emerging cinema and what better venue could there be to introduce Acer’s new systems, focussed on powerful visuals and HD resolutions? Perhaps the most interesting members of the new Acer family are the two netbooks – the Aspire One 521 and Aspire One 721. … Continue reading Acer’s HD revolution