Joby Ultra Fit Camera Strap: Makes light work of a heavyweight

Let’s face it, these days modern DSLR cameras may be heavyweights for capturing those memorable moments but they’re also pretty heavy in the weight department too. Lugging one around your neck all day is something to be avoided at all costs so canny photographers use custom made straps designed specifically to ease the burden of carrying a heavy camera whilst still letting you get a quick shot away when you need it.


German strap specialist  Sun Sniper first  pioneered the innovative sling shot design which has made wearing a DSLR a piece of cake.

Hot on the King’s heels however is Joby, the makers of the ingenious Goriila Pod, a flexible and lightweight tripod stand that can be used just about anywhere. They know a thing or two about cameras, so it’s no surprise they’ve jumped onto the strap bandwagon. The Joby UltraFit Sling Strap is another take on the sling shot style where a long steel and nylon strap anchored into the tripod housing at the base of the camera is swung around your shoulder leaving the camera hanging down by your hip, but well within reach to be grabbed and snapped.

The Ultra Fit takes this idea further through individual customisation.  The strap can be adjusted using a patented SpeedCinch system where your camera fits snugly higher up and closer to your body than the Sling Shot, but allows you to fluidly extend the strap when you need to fire off some shots. Another perhaps more obvious improvement is given the physical differences between men and women it makes sense to have them gender specific.

Not content with just stealing a march on Sling Shot, Joby, has added to the range with the 3 Way Camera Strap for compact cameras, letting you hang your camera around your wrist, neck or shoulder using a reinforced retractable cord.

Pricing: UltraFit Sling Strap – SRP £41.00, 3 Way Camera Strap – SRP £33.00

Is it a bowling ball? Is it a party popper? No it’s an iPhone!

iPhone’s look great, right? They look so good in fact that iPhone users simply can’t resist any opportunity to extract their iPhone from their pocket in public and start fortuitously playing with it, pretending to do something important, whilst all they’re really doing is shouting ‘Look at me, I’ve got an iPhone!”

Although despite Apple’s smartphone being the zenith of technological superiority, gadget and accessory manufacturers seem intent in creating auxiliaries that debase the look of what is arguably the greatest tech-creation of the 21st century, thus far.

Take a look at three iPhone gadgets that inadvertently humble the iPhone.



Why would you want to turn your precious, state-of-the-art and epitome of sophistication iPhone into a bright-yellow foam ball? Well perhaps if you’re into iPhone gaming, as this decidedly un-tech looking gadget has the potential to take iPhone gaming to another level.

Created by Physical App, LLC, TheO has a cut out slot where you place your iPhone or iPod touch and then hurl the ball across the floor as part of the game. Thanks to the iPhone’s accelerometer, TheO combines the physical activity and iPhone gaming into one.

Physical Apps currently has three free TheO games, a bowling app, Hot Potato and a social game, Interrogo.

It might not look like the height of tech-sophistication but TheO certainly ranks in the novel stakes and is expected to debut in May!

The Feinger

It might look uncannily similar to a party popper stuck to the back of your iPhone ready to rocket your precious smartphone across the room, but the Feinger might prove to be a darn useful iPhone accessory!

The two-part gadget is basically a finger mount that enables you to keep a tight grip of your phone – great if you are of a predisposition to keep dropping your iPhone. The first part looks like it’s a suction mount which is attached to your phone, and the second part, known as “the sleeve”, attaches to the mount, enabling you to slip your finger in and carry your iPhone about, safe in the knowledge that you won’ drop it!

iPhone Dock Fan

Give your iPhone fins by attaching the iPhone Dock Fan to the end of it! As iPhones can do practically everything, why not let your multi-talented phone cool you down? Simply plug the fan in the iPhone’s dock connector, switch it on and let it cool you down! Just be careful that you don’t get your tongue pulverised when you make a call!

Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Limited Edition

I have personally never been an advocator of toy rifles, or war gaming for that matter that requires the use of virtual guns, due to the simple reason that they encourage violence. When therefore I read a press release from the creative interactive software developers, Plow Games, about the arrival of the Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Limited Edition, a gun that you point at an iPhone, iPad or other touch devices to control gaming heroics with greater precision and depth, my immediate reaction was “Is Plow Games having a laugh?”


With an ‘attention-grabbing’ headline, “Zombies fear it – Other Stylus want to be it; The Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Edition makes you cool without trying”, introducing the press release, you can understand what why I felt compelled to laugh!

Although I am sure not everyone will share my mockery, as for any war gaming enthusiasts out there, the ‘killer stylus’, that enables you to ‘shoot, navigate, signature, paint and draw’ at your touch device, would be, as Plow Game’s puts it, “A prized addition to every war gamer’s mobile collection.”

The black toy gun made from a durable plastic features several ‘unique’ features that apparently gives it the ‘edge’ over other gaming accessories. One such feature is the Stylus touch chamber, which apparently improves experiences with applications for navigating, gaming/playing and sketching. The limited edition gaming rifle even includes a Lanyard slot, which means wannabie soldiers can keep their weapon at the ready to draw when needed. Although it has to be said, perhaps the Gun Stylus Assault Rifle’s greatest asset is that it will keep your iPhone, iPad, Android or whatever touch device you may have, screen clean of fingerprints!

In priding itself on developing ‘oh-my-gosh-have-you-seen-that’ products, Plow Games certainly have excelled themselves in creating the admittedly highly creative Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Limited Edition.

For more information about the Gun Stylus visit

appBlaster and Alien Attack AR iOS app

Much like the Wii’s seemingly limitless potential to generate third-party add-ons and peripherals, the iOS family of devices has created an incredible ecosystem of knick-knacks to extend the devices’ already pretty extensive core functionality.


Late to the add-on party, but compensating with sheer joie de vivre is the appBlaster from apptoyz. Designed to work with the augmented reality (AR) app, Alien Attack, the blaster demolishes aliens invisible to the naked eye.

The appBlaster* gives iPhone and iPod touch users a new AR gaming experience, spicing up reality with aliens and laser guys. The augmented reality feature of the game means that the alien invasion will be coming straight at you from the surrounding area, so whether you’re on the bus, in the office or at home, you can indulge in some Mars Attacks fan fiction.

The appBlaster doesn’t require any batteries as it utilises surprisingly clever, yet low-tech design to interface with your iPhone, sporting trigger-to-touch-screen technology to fire the in-game shooter. The triggers operate two pads that touch the screen and shoot the in-game blaster, allowing the user to use both the primary and secondary shooting functions. To make the experience more realistic, the appBlaster can be cocked and reloaded using the iPhone’s or iPod touch’s motion sensitivity.

Sadly, it will only worth the free apptoyz Alien Attack app, and you can’t bring the appBlaster experience back into other FPS iOS titles such as Call of Duty or N.O.V.A. Whilst spending £19.99 on a peripheral for a single game might seem like madness, further apptoyz game apps will be released on the App Store later in the summer.

More fun and games can be found here

CES 2011: Golla cases and bags for your gadgets

If Santa was good to you this Christmas and bought you a new phone or even iPad it is time to start thinking accessories. So by now you have got to grips with it and you want a new case. When you have something as valuable as the iPad you need something stylish and functional to carry it around. A quality bag or case which does not fall apart on you after 2 weeks can sometimes be hard to find. Golla have cases and bags for iPhones, eReaders, cameras and laptops and they announced their 2011 range at CES 2011. Here are some the best.


Golla introduce the G-bag in 5 colours with the grey being my favourite with the stylish design. With a magnetic flap, it’s easy to open and close. A G-bag can be used for an iPad or laptop using the padded compartment. The straps can be folded away so they no longer drag on the floor. Golla show their flair for design with the laptop bags as they have a dedicated laptop compartment with velcro fastening to keep it in place. They also come with a screen cloth to keep your laptop clean. There are several more compartments to keep your accessories, keys and wallet. The designs tend to be letters or floral designs on the flap and will suit men and women. A lot of the new designs are in denim as it seems to be the rage, good for a more casual look.

If you a new DSLR camera, then how about camera bag? Golla’s cam bags are padded and two removable walls in the bags to provide extra space when needed. They come in 3 sizes and the large cam bag has extra slots for memory cards, outside pockets for ease and a top handle to carry when your shoulder hurts. The small size is for compact cameras.

The new range of cases for mobile phones has been given an extra pocket which is perfect for storing earphones or loose change. Some of the cases have a carabiner attached which is useful for sporty people as you can clip it to your bag or belt. The new Golla collection will be available from April in Currys and phone retailers.