Breaking free from vacuum filters: the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball


It’s certainly got an attention-grabbing name – The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. But does Dyson’s latest vacuuming construction live up to its warrior-esque title?

Any newly-released vacuum by Dyson has to be worth taking note, especially when it claims to process dirt and dust into microscopic pieces without any clogging and by doing so eliminating the need for a filter.

So let’s have a look at what the tech press big guns have got to say about the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball that has been dubbed as pushing vacuum technology forward.

GizMag got the chance to conduct an early review of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. Asides its annoying upright canister and base latch, which, if you don’t get right, causes the handle to keep falling back towards you, GizMag was impressed with quiet motor and “phenomenal” suction.

As well as sucking up “enough dog hair to make a third dog”, the Cinetic obliterated party mess with equal grit, as the bristle brushes swept up party streamers with ease.

In cleaning mode, the Cinetic proved its worth to the GizMag reviewer once more, getting rid of stains when spot cleaning was applied.

It’s maintenance-free

One of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball’s biggest pros, writes Tech Crunch, is the fact it is essentially maintenance free. You can kiss goodbye to the days of arduously removing, rinsing and then drying filters. This is thanks to the fact the vacuum relies on smaller cyclones working together which create an intense centrifugal force. This force is capable of separating even the tiniest pieces of dirt and dust –hence no removable debris builds up.

That said, Dyson Cinetic Big Ball users will still have to empty the dust and dirt chamber. As Tech Crunch rightly points out, if they managed to overcome this requisite of modern vacuuming, they would “probably break the laws of physics.”

Another major plus point of the new Dyson, according to Tech Crunch, is all the accessories that most household vacuumer’s will need.

In terms of performance, the Tech Crunch reviewer believed the Cinetic “consistently outperformed” their own Dyson DC25 upright.

Old frustrations

In a slightly less praising review of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball series, CNet claims Dyson’s latest vacuuming wares is stifled by old Dyson frustrations, namely that it’s a tad on the flimsy side.

Whilst, thanks to the ball it rests on, the Cinetic is pretty manoeuvrable, it feels flimsy and falls over, exclaim CNet.

Despite niggling concerns about robustness, what’s remarkable about Dyson’s Cinetic is that it’s filter-free. But does this really make a difference in terms of functionality? seems to thinks so, claiming the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is 54% better than the other vacuums they tested and giving it a score of 9.2.


So how much is the new wholly machine filtration vacuum? £459.99 – not cheap, but then what do you expect for a vacuum without filters.

The Dyson Big Ball Cinetic is available now. Visit Dyson to find out more.

British Gas’ Hive: first look, hands-on & competition

UK energy company, British Gas, have recently unveiled their latest home innovation – the Hive system. The system looks to simplify the often confusing world of home and water heating systems, allowing for easy setting changes when they’re needed, without needing a conventional thermostat. The Hive system comes in an attractive layered box, and contains the welcome pack, the thermostat, the receiver and the hub, which will need to be set up by a qualified engineer in your home, but is good to go after this.

Hive Active Heating also aims to bring home heating to your smartphone – a free app, compatible with Android and IOS, will offer full control of your home’s heating and hot water wherever you are. If you’d rather put the heating on before you get home so the house is warm before you return, the Hive system will allow you to do this. This is made possible with the addition of the hub – included in the box, the hub is connected to your home internet router to allow it to communicate when you’re away from home.

The receiver allows the connection between the thermostat itself and the boiler – directly connected to the boiler by your qualified British Gas engineer, the receiver is the system’s middleman.

The thermostat itself is a fairly compact unit – its backlit screen offer easy viewing and control in the dark. The thermostat can be wall-mounted or kept on its own – it’s able to communicate with the receiver either way.

The system had us impressed – the benefits of a system like this could be great and make home heating a much easier and more approachable system. We also liked the fact that despite the system being created by British Gas, you don’t have to be a British Gas customer to take advantage of the system.

The Hive Active Heating system is available now for £159 for British Gas customers, or £199 for other customers. Watch the video above to see us unboxing the system.

For more information, visit Hive.

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This post was sponsored by Hive, in conjunction with Nuffnang.

Asus’ ZenWatch delves into wearable tech: what do the critics think?


Not content sticking with laptops, tablets and smartphones, Asus is broadening its horizons and is moving on to wearable technology, starting with the ZenWatch.
The Asus ZenWatch pairs with an Android smartphone to serve as a personal wellness manager. Despite its high-tech capabilities the ZenWatch resembles a rectangular-faced and traditional-crafted watch and even comes with a premium, stitched-leather strap.

It might look like an elegant piece of premium watchmaking, but how does Asus’ bold move into wearable tech fare with the tech press?

An Apple Watch likeness

According to Tech Crunch, the ZenWatch is the closest the Android camp have come to resembling an Apple Watch. It is however, you may be pleased to learn, by no means a clone.
The ZenWatch’s pros are, according to Tech Crunch, its great design which is “among the most striking and unique Android Wear devices available.”
We have to admit, with its curved face with Gorilla Glass 3 surrounded by a polished rectangular stainless steel rim, clasped together by a quality leather strap, the ZenWatch possesses retro appeal.
Latest Gadgets is not however a fashion review site and whilst it might look good what can the ZenWatch actually do?
Well you can get notifications from your Android smartphone. Something Engadget refers to as an “incessant flow of information in the form of Google Now cards and notifications.”
The Engadget review of the ZenWatch is also quick to highlight Asus’ wearable device boasts “impeccable voice recognition”, has a tap-and-swipe friendly navigation and all the other bits we’ve come to expect from a smartwatch.

The ZenWatch Manager

Though it’s from a separate Android app known as the ZenWatch Manager which all these “other bits” lean on. As Engadget informs, from the ZenWatch Manager you can customise the colours on the watch face and fire up extras, such as a warning alert that warns you when wondered too far from your phone.

The Wellness manager uses a built-in bio sensor which enables the phone to measure relaxation levels and then report back a relaxation score to its user. Based on that score, the watch then proceeds to provide the user with tips on how to reduce stress and increase relaxation and wellness.

Via the Wellness app, you can set activity goals, such as a target number of steps each day. The ‘wellness’ stats are then presented to the user in a weekly summary.

And the downsides?

One downside of the ZenWatch, according to Pocket Lint’s review, is that there is no direct charging available. Instead, it needs to be attached to a “limpet-like charging base that connects to the back.”
The Verge is also quick to point out the ZenWatch’s lack of wireless charging capabilities. Not only this but, like most Android Wear devices, it needs to be charged pretty much every day.
Whilst on the whole The Verge believes the ZenWatch performs as well as any other Android Wear Watch, the tech review site is certainly not shy in mentioning the watch’s annoying attributes.

According to The Verge’s review, the Asus smartwatch can be “annoyingly slow” at times, isn’t as responsive to voice commands as the Moto 360, and has a poor response to the wrist motion to wake up the display.

Though The Verge has to admit, despite its faults and imperfections, if they had to choose an Android Wear watch to wear every day, the would choose the ZenWatch.


And being this feature-rich and well-designed, for £199.99 we might be inclined to agree.

The Zenwatch is available now. Visit Asus to find out more.



CES 2015 Video: Kelvin, the wireless wine thermometer

The perfect wine, they say, must be served at the perfect temperature in order to capture its true taste. Kelvin aims to help those trying to gain this perfect temperature in the easiest way possible. It does this by wirelessly monitoring the temperature of the bottle, and sending notifications to your smartphone depending on the temperature. You’ll be notified when the temperature is too high or low, and when it’s at the perfect drinking temperature. This will keep avid connoisseurs happy at wine parties – the perfect wine is bound to impress. Watch the video above to see the Kelvin in action.

The Kelvin is available now for £39.99. Visit Kelvin to find out more.

CES 2015 Video: Rotimatic, quick and delicious rotis and more in one minute

Rotis, the bread-like snack that is a staple for many worldwide, just got much easier to make at home thanks to the new Rotimatic from Zimplistic. The machine makes use of a built-in robotic system and hotplates to create delicious bread treats with great efficiency – it is able to produce rotis, doughballs, wraps and pooris all with various options for thickness, oil use and softness. It is able to produce a full roti in one minute – quick, healthy food whenever you need it. The Rotimatic can hold up to 20 rotis worth of ingredients at once, so will be ready for use many times before needing refilling. It also features a design that allows for easy opening and cleaning when needed. Watch the video above to see the Rotimatic in action.

The Rotimatic’s pre-order stock has run out, but you can register interest and find out more at Zimplistic.

CES 2015 Video: Pacif-i Bluetooth baby pacifier/dummy

CES 2015 has been quick to support parents of young children, from the momaRoo to the Baby Glgl. Next to present their newest tool to new parents were Blue Maestro with their Pacif-i Bluetooth pacifier for babies. This isn’t any ordinary Pacifier – with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in sensors, the pacifier will send information such as the baby’s temperature and location. The dummy also contains a built-in tracker so if the baby drops it you won’t stumble across it several days later. Free apps for IOS and Android will be released to allow parents and carers to manage the dummy’s measurements and medication for the child, for example. Watch the video above for a look at the upcoming Pacif-i.

The Pacif-i is available to pre-order for £25 and is due for an early 2015 release. Visit Blue Maestro to find out more.

CES 2015 Video: SelfieBrush, smartphone holder hairbrush

The SelfieBrush, from the creators of The Wet Brush, shows more of the more quirky side of the gadgetry displayed at CES 2015. The brush allows the user to slide their smartphone (iPhone 5/5S/6, Galaxy S4 and an upcoming Galaxy S5 model) into the brush itself, displaying the screen from the back of your phone. This could be a boon for anyone struggling to get ready with no mirror, or anyone needing to send a quick text while they rush to get ready. Of course, the brush also aims for the social media crowd, many of whom will love the ease of use you will be able to take selfies with the brush. Watch the video above to see the SelfieBrush in action.

The SelfieBrush is available now for $19.99. For more information visit SelfieBrush.

CES 2015 Video: Slow Control’s Baby Glgl, the ‘smart’ baby milk bottle

CES 2015 has shown us a number of useful gadgets for parents of young families, such as the mamaRoo. The Baby Glgl from the team behind the ‘Smart Fork’ – Slow Control – is a ‘smart’ baby milk bottle, which comes coupled with an app. The bottle allows parents to combat issues that children can receive from baby bottles such as excess air consumption and colic. It does this by providing feedback on a number of things such as whether you’re holding the bottle at the right angle and how much the child has drunk. This could provide peace of mind and improved control for parents and carers of children. Watch the video above to see a demonstration of how the bottle works.

The Baby Glgl is to be released in 2015. For more information and to sign up for email updates on the product, visit Slow Control.