Smart Energy Report: The online guide to your energy habits


Regular readers will be aware that we’ve been working with the folks at British Gas to take a look at their new smart meters. So far we’ve covered how the meters work and the benefits they bring to individual households as well as the environment in general (through encouraging us to consider our energy consumption). In this final instalment, we’ll be looking at the Smart Energy Report (SER) which is a free online tool provide by British Gas to analyse your energy consumption habits.

Before we explain some of our findings, check out this intro video:

The Smart Energy Report is available to all British Gas customers who have opted to upgrade to smart meters. It enables you to see your past hourly, daily, weekly or monthly energy usage and how much it cost you. Another interesting element of the report is the “Explore by use” page which gives you a breakdown of what services (appliances, hot water, cooking, etc.) use the most energy and how much they’ve cost you. In our case, the cost of using appliances was more than four times what we generally spent on lighting – they clearly know we sit in the dark on our computers!

Check out this example of a Smart Energy Report:


In addition to providing these interesting stats, the SER also provides personalised tips on how you can save energy as well as a comparison of your household consumption compared to similar households in the local area. As we’re a house full of technology it’s not surprising to learn that we’ve been using around 40% more electricity than our neighbours! Obviously this is not something to be proud of as it means we’re spending more and that we’re not really doing ‘our part’ when it comes to trying to tackle energy usage and its related environmental impact.

Once you’ve had the smart meters installed, you will be emailed your Smart Energy Report or you can access it any time via the British Gas web site. Those who don’t have an online account need not panic as the company will also post out your report, seven days after each bill. In order to receive the most detailed report, customers need to opt in to half-hourly meter readings (which are done automatically of course). However, if you’re happy with a less detailed report, then can you opt in for daily readings.

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