Smart Meters – A look at their global rollout


As part of our ongoing series with the folks at British Gas, this time we’re looking at the roll out of smart meters around the world. These days it’s well accepted that tackling environmental issues, such as energy consumption, is something that needs to be done at a global level. Compared to some of our European neighbours, I think it’s fair to say we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of new technology. However, when it comes to embracing smart meters, we’re far behind the likes of Italy where an incredible 94% (37 million) households now use smart meters.

In fact, the roll out of smart meters is being embraced around the world. According to research by Berg Insight, conservative estimates forecast that between 90-130 million meters will be installed every year from now until 2022.  In the USA it’s predicted, by the US Energy Information Administration, that nearly a quarter (23%) of electrical customers now have smart meters.

Closer to home, in Ireland, there was a large-scale trial of smart metering which aimed to achieve a 2% decrease in energy usage as well as to assess the response of customers to this new technology. Following the success of this trial, the Commission of Energy Regulation announced the approval to rollout smart meters between 2014 and 2019.

In the UK, in addition to the work being done by British Gas, there is also a trial by Northern Powergrid which has implemented a “Customer-Led Network Revolution”.  This involves trailing a number of smart grid solutions and energy efficient technologies such as solar PV panels, heat pumps, electric vehicles and the installation of 14,000 smart meters in the North East and Yorkshire.

The programme will also deploy new technology on the electricity network and implement commercial solutions such as tariffs and different pricing structures. Northern Powergrid aims to create a successful and beneficial smart grid solution and is trialing ‘time-of-use’ tariffs to encourage the use of electricity during off peak periods.

You can find out more about smart meters in this video from British Gas and via their dedicated web site.

We are working with British Gas on a smart meter campaign. The words and opinions above are ours, however this should be considered a ‘sponsored post’.