Top Five Wireless Phone Chargers

Dusan Belik of Serbia writes about his passion for all things techno as if they were alive and natural. He thinks that by using a smart phone to organise your life, you demonstrate how much you care about the way that you use your precious time on Earth. Fair enough… whatever turns you on?  He also refers to the new Tylt VU charger is “sexy”… Sexy…? You need to get yourself a partner mate!

Whilst wireless phone chargers are surely not sexy, they can be extremely useful, for the simple reason, like all wireless technology, no wires are required. Given the obvious advantages of these devices, an increasing splurge of wireless phone chargers is arriving on the market.  

Take a look at the top five…


Tylt VU

The Tylt VU Wireless Charger is designed for Qi compatible smartphones and it has to be said that this novel charger looks like a mini sun-lounger and could well indeed look sexy if a totally naked miniature nicely rounded type was sunbathing on top of it!

A vibrant appearance is at the heart of the Tylt VU, although the red, blue and yellow ones perhaps aren’t going to light everybody’s fire. One of the features of this charger is that it works both horizontally or vertically, meaning that you can charge your phone at a 45 degree angle and still see its screen.

This colourful wireless mobile charger will shipped in June 2013 and will cost approximately £46.

You can buy the Tylt VU here.


Duracell Powermat 24

Powermat have been frontrunners in the wireless charging game from the outset. The company’s latest rendition comes in the form of a flat charging pad, which is shaped simply to the profile of your iPhone. The Powermat 24 is compatible with the iPhone 4 or the Samsung 3.

A Duracell Powermat 24 kit will set you back approximately £64 and includes a spare battery comes with this set along with a plug in charger. You can buy the wireless charging pad on its own for approximately £32 at the official Duracell Powermat website.


Nokia Fatboy charging pillow

The tendency to treat our iPhones like a baby can certainly be applied to this novel wireless charger, as you simply lie your phone down gently on top of the pillow without the need to plug it in to anything and wake up to a fully-charged phone!

This little pillow charger comes in five colours that can be matched up to your bed sheets and taken to bed with you.

This fun wireless charger will set you back about £60 and can be bought at


Wild Charge Pad from Pure Energy Solutions

A relative newcomer to the wireless charger market, the Wild Charge Pad is the creation of Pure Energy Solutions, a company that prides itself on being a “green energy company.” This wireless charger provides 15 watts of output power and can therefore charge multiple devices simultaneously.  

What is particularly refreshing about the WildCharge Pad is that it is compatible with several phones, including older ones. Another refreshing aspect of this wireless mobile charger is its price – approximately £32.

You can buy the WildCharge Pad here.


Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger

It’s not such a bad idea to have an alarm clock combined with your wireless phone charger to do away with all that clutter on the bedside table. The Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger charges all types of phones which are Qi compatible and even reads indoor and outdoor temperatures.

It’s certainly sleek and being the world’s first combination of clock and wireless charger, has to be described as innovative.

The cost of Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger is £89.99 and can be bought here.