BlackBerry’s successor is causing a storm

Blessed for its simplicity and effortlessness, even the most techno-phobic, gadget gormless and mobile-phone moronic of users could find their way around a BlackBerry with ease and without frustration. With its touch-screen display it may take little while longer for clumsier of fingers to master the new BlackBerry Storm2 9520’s responsiveness, but once mastered, there is no turning back.

It may be similar in appearance to the original, but the BlackBerry Storm2’s finely-tuned software, allows for greater user-interaction leading to it being dubbed as being ‘vastly superior’.

Blackberry Storm 2

In an increasingly technologically dependant world, whereby speed is of the essence, the 9520s built-in Wi-Fi makes surfing the web seriously swift –its absence was lapped up by critics of the original BlackBerry Storm. The 9520 accomplishes greater consumer contact by relying solely on electronic technology called “Surepress”.  Whilst the original consisted of several mechanical components to create the physical stimulation of ‘clicking’, its predecessor’s absolute internal electronic dependency means it imitates an actual keyboard in a much more authentic and efficient manner.

We’ve all been exposed at some time or another to some fortuitous phone fumbling. Toddlers squeal in delight at hurtling high-tech devices across the room, and as a result precious talk time can quickly be eaten up. Not with the BlackBerry Storm2 9520, as another much welcomed feature is that the new model’s screen becomes completely ‘solid’ when in off mode, completely eradicating the chance of any ‘accidents’ occurring.

The features available of this elegant machine are phenomenal and can barely be skimmed upon in a short review. The 3.2 megapixel camera allows for happy snapping and quality shots, whilst its capability at syncing ten email accounts may seem at bit excessive, but is available in case you need such a vast amount of electronic mailing providers. But perhaps the most clever little detail of Vodaphone’s latest delicacy, is no matter which way up you pull the 9520 out of your pocket, its screen will always conform itself to face its owner – accelerometers at their most admirable! Navigation is another neat attribute as BlackBerry and Google maps are both available to pilot possessors.

With this immense amount of features, for the less ‘technologically gifted’ it is easy to be intimidated by the BlackBerry Storm2 9520. Although it is difficult to deny that this time Vodafone have really become the vanguard of mobile phone technology.