HTC Hero and HTC Desire – smarter phones?

How could you possibly ever consider a mobile phone to be a ‘hero’? Never, I would have said, until I read about the new HTC Hero, which is an ingenious embodiment of three of the most fundamental characteristics anything with ‘heroic’ status transmits – make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.

Standing superiorly aloft from the throng of mobile phones desperately grappling to be technologically innovative and aesthetically desirable, you can be sure to discover the unexpected with the HTC Hero. With a band of widgets available on the home screen, you can conveniently personalize the Hero to match your personality with simplicity and perfection. But it is the multiplicity that this phone offers which really gets the pulse racing, the way that only true heroes can. Embodying a new profile feature, known as ‘Scenes’, the HTC Hero enables users to change the phone’s profile to work in conjunction and reflect a different scene in their life. Weekends away, for example, are made instantly more convenient as the HTC Hero becomes an immediate travel guide, providing information about the weather, local time, and maps. Weekends, of course, were made for chilling out and relaxing, an achievement which is made infinitely easier with the Hero, by enabling users to catch up with friends, amble the afternoon away listening to their favorite tunes, and capture precious memories with HTC footprints.


Consisting of a multitude of communication channels and applications, the HTC Hero allows its users to stay close to friends and family with an effortlessness and instantaneity many other mobiles neglect. Instead of a sifting through a laborious list of emails, the HTC Hero brings to life a library of emails and attachments which prioritize those of higher important, a catalogue of conversations, and a photo album which provides an instant getaway to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter contacts. And this is just for starters. In short, the HTC Hero takes mobile phone technology to new heights, the same heights only heroes like Superman can reach.

Similarly as impressive, is the HTC Desire. This sleek little handset, like the Hero, comes jam-packed with innovations and sustains a streamlined internet experience. Leap between 100 pre installed apps, exploit Friends Stream, a social network aggregator which delivers updates from different sites, or take advantage of Newstand, a powerful and much needed tool which manages RRS news feeds and filters out any unwanted information. With a 5 megapixel camera and GPS satellite navigation, the HTC Desire, a virtually limitless mobile phone, leaves users desiring nothing.

But perhaps my favorite feature of this extremely multifaceted, multipurpose, and seamless invention, is its ability to mute unwanted ringers by simply flipping the phone upside down – at last putting an end to students red faces when their phone’s untimely ring blasts out across the lecture theatre!

HTC have really pulled out all the stops with these two hot mobile phones, with intuition and innovation the boundaries really are limitless with the HTC Hero and the HTC Desire.