Swissvoice makes a stand for retro calling

With retro styling all the rage, quirky mobile accessory company Swissvoice has revived the old faithful landline look with this pair of Bluetooth stations.


The catchy-titled BH01u and BH01i may look like something plucked from the office desk of a 1970s mime artist but they’re actually fully-integrated Bluetooth units that sync with your mobile, PC or tablet for hands-free calling, music streaming and iPhone Siri compatibility. If you really can’t bear to prise yourself away from your iPhone, in addition to a standard universal connector, the BH01i features a convenient retractable dock which charges up your Apple talkie-box and doubles as a convenient stand for video calling.

They may be rocking a touch of retro chic, but these docking stations are packed with advanced Bluetooth, to connect with two Bluetooth-enabled mobiles at the same time. While this may swerve charging, docking, even streaming squabbles, it knows how to play fair and will automatically favour the last phone it linked to (you’ll have to agree to take turns amongst yourselves!)

If you’re sceptical about the voice quality of some of the more tinny Bluetooth stations / kits which give the game away to the caller that they might not have your full attention, the HD Voice feature with noise reduction should give you a bit of extra cover!

To activate Siri, a capability currently exclusive to Swissvoice, just hold down the phone icon. If you don’t have an iPhone, it won’t transform your smartphone into a piece of Apple kit but it will trigger voice-activated dialling instead.

If the design of these docks has got you a bit misty-eyed, why not pick up the receiver and relive the days when your phone calls were restricted to a three-yard (yes I’ve gone imperial) radius of the telephone point. Or just use the chance to free up your smartphone and twiddle with your apps / diary / email instead.

You can actually charge up the handset and take it with you for more mobile conversations or to stream music, radio or podcasts from your mobile phone or tablet. Talking of music, the docks have two adequate high-definition two-watt speakers, which fade in / out automatically in favour of incoming / outgoing calls. So you never need sit in silence again! Swissvoice promises to take you back to the roots of telephony, but it’s packed with enough present-day technology to make sure you’re not left in the dark.

The BH01i (with iPhone doc) £149.99 RRP, BH01u (universal charging point )£129.99 from Amazon.