IK Multimedia iRig STOMP: Pedal powered

IK Multimedia’s iRig STOMP is the first stompbox-style guitar and bass interface for iPhone/iPad. If you are unfamilar with stompboxes they are small pedals used by guitarists and bassists to control their effects without tying up their hands – useful for songs that have that Pixies style quiet-quiet-LOUD dynamic. The iRig STOMP fits in snugly with your exisiting set up allowing analogue and digital music to live side by side.


As you’d expect iRig STOMP is about the size of a standard compact pedal. The iRig STOMP’s device jack routes a signal to your iOS device and returns the signal to the main output or headphone jacks. There’s a giant gain knob to set your input signal to its optimum level plus a bypass switch to completely bypass the signal processing like a regular stompbox pedal.

The Flexible Signal Routing of the iRig STOMP lets you to use it (i) with a guitar amp as your effects signal chain and tone shaping front end; (ii) inline with your other stompboxes; or (iii) with headphones to preserve the sanity of those around you.

It’s interesting to see how manufacturers such as IK multimedia have built a whole platform on top of iOS – the iRig family of instruments now includes microphones, DJ mixers, guitar interfaces and a range of software to accompany it including AmpliTube, AmpliTube Fender or AmpliTube Slash.

iRig STOMP costs €44.99 (ex VAT) and is available now from