FilmOn Air Tuner: Corrie and Eastenders on iPhones, on the go and legally!

Want to view your favourite TV shows from your iPhone or Android smartphone, live and legally? Well now you can thanks to and its new FilmOn Air tuner.’s clever little device, which aesthetically, with its red background and silver logo, resembles a Swiss pen knife rather than a pioneering smartphone tuner, neatly plugs on to the bottom of a smartphone and gives users instant access to legal TV streaming whilst they are on the go. Not only this but the FilmOn app provides 120 internet channels, including ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and even FilmOn’s own College Sports and Live Soccer channels, although perhaps we’ll give those channels a miss!

FilmOnAIR is owned by FilmOn.TV Inc. and is an internet based TV provider with data centres in Geneva, London, New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Chicago, Honolulu and Dallas – so basically, it’s safe to assume it’s a fairly successful company!

Starting out initially as offering a subscription-based TV streaming solution for Mac and PC, in 2010, launched a streaming internet TV service for mobile devices, streaming broadcasts of several network affiliates in the Los Angeles area, such as ABC, Fox and CBS, in an effort, according to PC World, to “entice users to purchase subscriptions to their service.”

Targeting a UK audience, the FilmOn Air tuner enables UK viewers to watch and record live TV completely legally!

The FilmOn Air tuner is free with every annual UK and world TV based subscription to FilmOn, which will cost you £149.95 for the basic package. For non FilmOn subscribers, the FilmOn Air tuner retails at £95.95.

Although it has to be said some confusion remains about whether the same model of FilmOn Air tuner, which has a pass-through charger connection and a battery that will last for five hours, will be used on both Apple devices and Android devices.

In enabling us to watch current episodes of Corrie and Eastenders on our iPhones whilst on the go, legally, it’s no wonder FilmOn.Air have offices in practically every city in the world!