Bluetooth Robot Sound Box: This is the droid you are looking for

It’s a truth universally acknowledged by everyone who’s ever turned an amp all the way up to 11 – music sounds great loud. PMPs and smartphones of all shapes and sizes are pretty incredible music devices – they can store gigs of musical data and even better, can hook up to services like Spotify and tap into an infinite jukebox. But their built in speakers aren’t designed to blow you away (and I’m sure anyone who has ever travelled on a London bus with teenagers is infinitely grateful for this fact. But there are times when it’s nice to get a little Radio Raheem and break out your boom box. We looked at TDK’s pretty impressive answer to this conundrum earlier on in the year. But what if you’re ballin’ on a budget? Well our friends at hooked us up with a toy that should help you bring the noise.


Android fan boys your time has come. Why waste time screaming about your preferred mobile OS of choice on forums when you can can let your smartphone shout from the rooftops for you (real answer – no one in the real world cares what operating system your phone uses).

The Bluetooth Robot Sound Box utilises Android’s key strength – the darned cuteness of its robot mascot – and turns that into a sonic weapon in the form of a Bluetooth speaker and microphone. This isn’t your Granddad’s bluetooth however, and the BRSB uses Bluetooth 3.0 so the sound quality is pretty sharp.

The robot’s head acts as a control for your phone, letting you change tracks with a twist or pause with a push
The top of the robot can be moved to let you control your tracks, play/pause music, or activate voice-dialling with a simple motion. The head rotates left and right for track changes, while it acts as a button for the other features.

6th generation CVC is also deployed for echo and noise reduction. Set up is simple (it’s Bluetooth after all) and for your time you get 300 hours of standby time, 4.5 hours talk time and a working distance of 10 meters. Plus you look immeasurably cool talking to a robot at your desk -especially if you’re using Siri.

The Bluetooth Robot Sound Box is £19.95 from