Get the message with the Cel-Fi signal booster

Do you constantly miss calls and messages, or struggle to get on the net with your mobile? Are you always asking callers to hang on, while you wander around the house, step into the garden or even hang out of the window, to get a better signal? If you do, a signal booster could be the answer – but at a tad under 500 quid, we hope your calls are worth it.


The wireless plug-and-play 3G booster, the Cel-Fi RS2, is claimed to make a dramatic difference to indoor voice quality and data throughput.

Cel-Fi also says the product is the only legal signal booster available in the UK for Orange and T-Mobile networks. It will constantly search for the best available signal in an area up to 13000 square feet, so you should see your one bar of coverage turn into five.

The booster may even have a beneficial effect on the battery life of your smartphone, as constantly searching for a signal can drain the juice from your battery

Because it is wireless, there are no ugly cables, and installation is simple. The booster can be wall mounted or free standing while another unit stands at the window.

With smartphones taking over as the single device that incorporates calls, email, text, games and surfing the net, we are increasingly reliant on these devices in our day-to-day lives. The outstanding 3G signal provided by the Cel-Fi RS2 eliminates that ‘signal struggle often experienced in black spots, so there’ll be less hanging out of the window or walking round the garden to try to make a call.” Says Gareth Limpenny, MD of Cel-Fi’s distributor, Frequency Telecom.

The Cel-Fi RS2 is available from www.cel-fi.co.uk