US Robotics tread new waters with an ‘uninspiring’ group of tablet accessories

In the increasingly evolving world of technology and gadgets, manufacturers frequently have to explore other avenues in order to thwart the otherwise inevitable prospect of liquidation from knocking at their doors. The latest electronics company to delve into fresh territory is US Robotics, known primarily for producing high-speed modems in the 80s. Given that modems that were considered high-speed in the 80s have been diminishing almost as quickly as VHS’s, US Robotics was prompted to poke its fingers into the tablet accessories pie.


The new accessories include stands and keyboards designed to work with tablets, smartphones. Netbooks, eReaders and iDevices. These stylish stands contrast significantly with US Robotics former wares – big, bulky, displeasing to the eye and with as much gadgetry-sophistication in the modern world as a black and white telly but at the time were considered the most pioneering and highest quality of electronic devices that money could buy.

First on the list is the USR5512 Charging Stand for iDevices – a small and inconspicuous stand with a 30-pin connector. Users can connect the USR5512 to a computer via an iPad USB cable, enabling simultaneous charging and syncing while on the stand.

Regressing back to its more ‘traditional’ roots is the USR5510 tablet stand and the USR5511 slim tablet stand, both of which provide no other functions other than being a conventional stand.

Determined to head down the keyboard trail, US Robotics has launched the USR5500 wireless Bluetooth keyboard and the USR5502 mini Bluetooth keyboard, both of which are compatible with the iPad and other tablets, computers and electronic devices. The USR5500 seems a little more inventive than its sibling in possessing built-in keys that can activate special features on the iPad, such as slideshows.

Whilst US Robotics newest endeavours are hardly the most exciting or inspiring group of accessories featured By LatestGadgets, with the stands starting from $19.99 and the Bluetooth keyboards at $39.99, they are reasonably priced and are an unambiguous reminder on just how much technology has progressed in the past four decades.