Alcatel OT-810: A cute featurephone for the budget conscious

In case you were wondering I’m not a fashion-obsessed teenage girl – or any kind of teenage girl really. But I couldn’t help but emit a “kawaiii” (an adjective routinely emitted by Japanese girls when adorable or cute things swing into their line of sight) on seeing the Alcatel OT-810 (despite its distinctively un-kawaii name).


Why? Well it’s just so gosh-darn cute, but that aside the palm shaped clamshell phone has a lot to say for itself. The outside has an LED matrix that throws up a number of patters – like twinkly stars or bunny rabbits. It’s also very shiny so you can check yourself, well in advance of wreaking yourself. For the more practically minded (and seriously what are you doing looking at this phone) there is a full QWERTY keyboard, which is handy for avid texting teens.

The OT-810 also has a range of modern connectivity options. You can SMS obviously but you can also IM, Tweet or Facebook with relative ease. Even better you can access most webmail accounts and apparently it supports push mail so you won’t have to obsessively check it every 5 minutes (although I check my push-mail enabled iPhone almost constantly anyway). It also packs and FM radio and Opera mini.

There’s a micro-SD slot so you can expand storage up to 16GB. There’s also a neat little USB feature that allows you to stream video from the 2.0 megapixel camera so you can clip it onto the edge of a PC monitor and have a make-shift web cam.

Whilst this isn’t the latest and greatest in mobile phone technology, it’s a to know that there’s a lot out there for anyone shopping on a budget.

Out at the start of November from Carphone Warehouse for £30. If you buy one in store you will get a free gift voucher to redeem a Barry M lipgloss. How can you say no to that?