Proporta’s four ‘Back to School Essentials’ – Essential or superfluous?

Corresponding with the GCSE results day, the British iPad and iPhone accessories specialists, Proporta announced a new range of Back to School products for the iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation. In our gadget-obsessed society, the kids of today have a lot more to worry about than merely being seen with the right pair of trainers. iPad, iPhone and MacBook cases have the power to influence the esteem of kids in a school playground, hence when Proporta name their range of such cases as being “Back to School Essentials”, no one bats an eyelid. Here are four items from Proporta’s ‘indispensable’ new range.


Times Table Hard Shell (Apple iPhone 4)


Teachers better watch out that gadgets such as the Times Table Hard Shell don’t lead to some serious cheating in exams. Oh well, at least this one is mildly educational, as by having the times tables printed on the back, lessons spent gazing at an iPhone instead of listening to the teacher may at least result in kids finally learning their times tables.

Perfora Hard Shell for the HTC Sensation


Those children owning a, dare we say it slightly inferior HTC Sensation, can now deck their precious gadget out with a Perfora Hard Shell. This super tough crystal case will protect an HTC Sensation from the inevitable knocks it will endure during a day at school, and its soft feel finish with funky range of colours, means Perfora Hard Shell cases are likely to be a big hit at high school.

Leather Protective Sleeve for the Apple iPad 2


For those kids lucky enough to own an Apple iPad 2, they could further their enviable status by tarting up their iPad 2 with this custom made, hardwearing and stylish leather bag – Although it has to said, leather isn’t always the most desirable material of those so young they don’t appreciate its quality.

Aluminium Lined Leather Style Case for Amazon Kindle 3


Are Amazon Kindle’s a popular gadget amongst schoolchildren? According to Proporta they are, as the company has placed this aluminium lined leather style case for the Amazon Kindle 3 in their ‘Back to School Essentials’ list. Well at least buying your child an Amazon Kindle would encourage him or her to read, and placing it in a sturdy case would help protect it from any potential damage that may occur on the commute to school. We still reckon the ‘cooler’ kids are seen with an iPhone or iPad though!