Case-Mate Colourways iPhone case: Hot colour blocking for smartphones

You can’t accuse the folks over at Case-mate of slacking in the iPhone case department. Hot on the heels of the Barely There and the Kayla Clutch, which we had a look at here and here and the ridiculously expensive limited edition Titanium case, which we had a sneak peak of here comes the Colourways case – the newest addition to their Constructibles Collection.


A complement to the Quartet and Stacks cases launched last year, Colourways is made of three separate primary colour pieces that overlap to yield a total of five colours when mixed together.

“One of the design innovations that Case-Mate has championed the past year is the idea of modularity – or what we are calling ‘constructibles’,” said Erik Attkisson, Chief Marketing Officer at Case-Mate. “We understand that ‘do-it-yourself’ and customisation are key trends with consumers and Colourways complements the movement by allowing consumers to create their own stylish accessory.”

The odd thing about the Colourways case is that it’s pretty much designed for the once mythical iPhone 4 white – the bright striking colours are a bit lost on the regular black iPhone but really pop on the white. Case-mate assured me it was a must-have case for summer and Autumn to go along with the hot colour-blocking trend. I have no idea what any of that means – but it does look pretty. If you want a little something to complement your white iPhone 4 then take a look.

The Colourways case is available for purchase at for £19.99.